How to Stop Dog Howling


Break bad habit

In the previous article we have described such bad habit as a dog howling Why Do Dogs Howl? And here we are going to give you advices how to stop it.

Belgian Malinois Training with Leather Dog Collar with HandleIf a pet's howl is not caused by a fear or discomfort, then you should fight the bad habit of your four-legged friend. If the reaction of the pet is observed only in those cases when it hears a certain melody or sound, then it is necessary to wait until the "stimulus" disappears. To protect neighbors from pet reactions, cynologists recommend leaving the dog on TV with a quiet program that will distract the pet.
Caring for your comfort and comfort of your neighbors is very important, since they can call the police to solve the problem. Complaints about dog's howling during the day can spoil your relations, but if your pet continues to behave badly after 10.00 p.m. then you will be punished with a fine.

Many dogs give their voice to attract owners attention. To eliminate the habit, it is necessary to resist the provocation of the dog. During the howling the pet should become invisible in the family for a while. Let it know that it can not manipulate you with barking. Such ignoring attitude towards the animal's "sonorous behavior" will show its failure and the dog will stop howling.
If the real cause of the dog's bad behavior is missing attention and not whims, then your pet should be taucht to treat your leaving more loyal. To do this start dressing before your pet, letting it know that you are leaving. Then go out just for 10-15 minutes, so that the dog couldn't smell your scent. You can visit the nearest store or just go downstairs. The main thing is that your absence shouldn't be really long.
Then come back and reward the dog with your affection. The pet will understand that the leaving of its owner is not always for a long time. So it will cease howling and learn to wait patiently for the return of the family members.

Alternative methods of bad habit breaking:

- commands teaching "speak - quiet". You should say "speak" when it starts to howl. Then give the command "quiet". Of course, the animal does not clatter immediately but as soon as it happens give the dog a tasty encouragement. A few commands trainings will give your pet an idea of how to deserve the desired dish, and eventually such additions as food will not be needed at all;
- a noise insulation is used in cases when there is no time or opportunity to wean the pet from howling. This option will be beneficial for the owners themselves and for the neighbors of the pet;
- a special collar is a new and very controversial means of combating howling. The collar reacts to sound vibrations. So if there are some it affects the pet with a slight current shock. This action makes the dog silent. Although the collar is effective, anyway it traumatizes the psychological state of the dog and destroys its psychological health;
- cynologist services. Experts are well versed in the psychology of dogs. They can quickly identify the cause of howling as well as eliminate it;
- a physical activity. Often household has enough active breeds of dogs which simply need constant trainings and tasks. So they just start to go crazy with boredom and begin howling. Increasing the number and duration of walks, you will be able to deal with this problem. It is recommended to walk dogs in parks with obstacle courses or engage it into canine sports as well. At the same time, pay attention to the mental stresses that are so necessary for working breeds. If you manage to exhaust the dog, then the probability of its voice in the evening is reduced to zero.


We have examined the main reasons of dog howling. Most of them are objective in nature, in other words, the pet warns or asks you about something. Therefore, it is by no means possible to react to the manifestation of the dog's voice in an aggressive manner. The dog's howling has historically been used by man as a signal of threat, and therefore modern ways of communication haven't changed a lot.

You can not raise a hand on a pet or apply stringent penalties, as barking is often a signal of health problems or discomfort. The dog will not howl without any reason. So if a problem is found foremost try to give your four-footed friend more attention, walk with it and feed well. If barking does not stop, then be sure to contact the veterinarian.

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