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Adult dog training

Many dog owners beginners are interested with the question whether it worth getting an adult dog. Here many questions arise, touching upon dog training, dog socialization, adaptation of adult dogs at a new home.

Of course, dog training of an adult dog is more complicated, than puppy training. But do not consider this process to be impossible and too difficult. It is a right thing and a good action to rescue an adult dog from a dog shelter, that left alone without a handler because of some circumstances. Do not afraid that its training will get all your time and energy.

Getting used of an adult dog to a new house and owners

adult dog rehoming and trainingCan an adult dog get attached to a new owner? One of the main reasons that dog owners beginners get mostly puppies is that is is easier for a puppy to get used to the owner, to his routine, character and way of life. Really, the younger a dog is, the easier it is to train and make get used to new surrounding. Taking care of a puppy brings huge amount of positive emotions while watching its growth, development and training. Of course, it implies many difficulties as well. But all the good you do to your pet will be rewarded.

As for an adult dog getting used to new owners, there is no any definite answer. But be sure, your attention and devotion will be rewarded.

How much time does it take for an adult dog to get used to the new owners? It is very individual. One dog may get used to the new home quickly while another needs much more time for that. The point is how old is the dog. The younger a dog is, the easier it is to get used to new owners, circumstances, conditions and home. Longer period is needed for an adult dog with a well-formed character or a dog with a weak nervous system. Dog training of an adult dog should be started after the dog has got used to the new home, owners and conditions.

Is an adult dog safe for a new owner and the family members? How would it behave and how to train obedience of an adult dog? Dog behavior of an adult creature in the new family is difficult to foresee. Sometimes a new dog behaves friendly and obedient towards the family members and the owner. But when it gets used, it starts dictating its own rules and dominating over the owners. Friendly living with such a dog is impossible and even dangerous.

Very often a rescued dog behaves well, easy trained and gets attached to new owners.

But as the practice shows, abandoned dogs are in most cases aggressive dogs, or dogs with nervous disorders.

Adult dog obedience training

How successful is adult dog obedience training? In fact, success is not guaranteed. The thing is that obedience classes are accounted generally for puppies and young dogs until 1 year old.

Dog obedience training should be started from training of the basic commands: "come", "sit", "stay", "down", "no", "leave it", "off" and "heel".

Though, basic commands are not enough. Adult dog behavior demands devoted work constantly.

rescued dog trainingPros and cons of an adult dog at new home

Adult dog keeping has pros and cons. Pros: it will not bother you at nights, does not need toilet training, usually does not tend to spoil your furniture and things. But be ready that it will not recognize you as the leader at once. Adult dog may behave not the way you imagine and wish.

At first adult rescued dog will be afraid of the new home. And in spite of regular walking, it may go to the toilet at wrong places. A dog may get depressed and become reserved.

It is important to learn why the previous owners give up the dog. The dog may have psychical or health disorders, that are not to notice at once. Get the dog to a specialist to learn the veterinary certificate.

One more problem of getting an adult dog is his formed character and behavior, habits. It may be afraid of definite sounds, noise and other visual irritants.

It is important to understand and take into account all the possible problems of getting an adult dog. Ask yourself: are you ready to be patient and get used to the habits of an adult dog(to a reasonable extend)?

Many dogs from the street are very willing to get a new family and home, devoted friends. Such creatures show by all means how pleasant it is to be with you, run around etc. As a rule, pooches from the street become quicker and better companions as their pure-bred representatives.

But sometimes homeless dogs behave aggressively, bark, growl or even try to attack. Such actions are inherent to both large and small homeless dogs. Never take an aggressive dog home, even if you feel great pity for it.

The best advices how to socialize a rescued adult dog may be given by professional trainers and behaviorists or experienced dog owners only.

The first steps you should do bringing a rescued dog home, are showing it to a veterinarian. If everything is all right, wash a dog and do with antiparasitic treatments.

We wish you success is rescued dog training and hope you will become good friends and companions!

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