American Bulldog

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American Bulldog History:

American Bulldog

The American Bulldog breed appeared in England most of all in the result of crossing a Mastiff-like dog, a Moloss and a Bearded dog. The name Bulldog (literally - Bull Dog) first mentioned in XVI century. Functional purpose of these dogs was very cruel - the dogs were trained to hunt bulls. In the process of ring battles selection only the bravest, cleverest, most fearless representatives gave continuation to the next generations. The fate of weak, slow, too large dogs was decided at the battle. Only in 1835 such bull battles were disabled. They began to cross the dogs with representatives of other breeds that put the beginning for developing of new line of fighting breeds and led to change of appearance of Bulldog. We can say, that a recent appearance of American Bulldog is formed for the account of American settlers from England who took their pets to the New World and this way they enclosed the dogs from changes under influence of Terriers blood.

State of origin: USA

General type: American Bulldog is a well-balanced, short-haired, muscular and athletic animal. American Bulldog has great power, endurance and agility. Male dogs are literally larger and with more heavy bones and muscles than bitches.

Height and Weight of American Bulldog breed:

Withers height: male dogs - from 58 to 68,5 cm, female dogs - from 53 to 63,5 cm.

Weight: male dogs - from 34 to 54,5 kg, female dogs - from 27 to 38,5 kg.

Fur cover:

American Bulldog typical coat is shorter 1 inch, varies from soft to hard. Long, feather like or curled fur is unacceptable.


American Bulldog standard color is white base or any pattern including black, reddish, brown, pale yellow and all shades of tiger.

American Bulldog Temperament:

American Bulldogs are devoted and attached to their owners and usually become their loyal companions for a life long. In spite of the fact that aggression is not inherent for these dogs, they will protect their owners till the end even if the benefit is not at their side. This attractive feature of American Bulldog let us make a choice in their favor at the need of choosing not just a devoted friend but also a trusted guard of our home.

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