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We care of safety and comfort for your dog. Taking into account French Bulldog snout form and size we produce special French Bulldog muzzles for small flat snout form. To be sure that you get the correct dog muzzle size, please, measure your French Bulldog according to the instruction. Fordogtrainers are the leader in production of French Bulldog muzzles.
We will also help you to choose a proper French Bulldog harness size. Look how to measure a dog for a harness. French Bulldog Information
french bulldogFrench Bulldog dog breed is a popular family pet. French Bulldog is a small molossian dog breed, developed from a toy version of the English Bulldog. Unlike other small dog breeds, French Bulldog is not so frail. In spite of its small sizes, French Bulldog is strong and muscular for its size, with well-developed bones. Cute French Bulldog has the appearance of an active and lively animal. Distinctive French Bulldog characteristics are its bat ears and expressive look of big round eyes. You can hardly resist its gaze.
French Bulldog History
French Bulldog history has varied theories. The most relevant version of French Bulldog origin is from the miniature bulldog (or toy bulldog), that has been brought by workers to France during the industrial revolution period and economic crisis in England.
More ancient French Bulldog origin facts suppose it to be developed from ancient Indian dog Chincha Bulldog. This ancient breed of bulldog lived in ancient Peru and resembled the French Bulldog appearance. This ancient bulldog breed lived in Peru from 1100 to 1400 AD. French Bulldog characteristics of anatomical structure has a lot in common with Chincha Bulldogs. But the French Bulldog history still has the gap between the Chincha Bulldog time of existing and appearing of French Bulldog during the English Industrial Revolution.
French Bulldog Characteristics
french bulldogFrench Bulldog appearance is to a great extend similar to the English Bulldog shape, but French Bulldog has a smaller size body. The brightest of the French Bulldog characteristics are the bat ears. French Bulldog ears are set high but not too close together. French Bulldog ears shape is broad, long and with round tips.
French Bulldog head is broad and sphere-shaped. Round French Bulldog eyes have irresistible sharp look.
French Bulldog body is short, strong-built, muscular and with heavy bones.
French Bulldog Colors
The breed standard French Bulldog colors are various shades of brindle, fawn, tan or white with brindle patches. France, the country of French Bulldog origin, does not recognizes fawn as a valid French Bulldog color.
French Bulldog Temperament
french bulldog The French Bulldog is a very affectionate and playful pet. This dog easy gets used to its owner and keeps loyal, loving attitude to him/her. But they may be very jealous of other pets or the children in the family.
French Bulldog temperament is active and energetic. Though their small size is suitable for small apartments, French Bulldog need regular walking and exercises.
French Bulldog character may be a challenge. French Bulldog training requires time and patience, because of its characteristic stubborn and willful nature.
Our French Bulldog training gear and accessories will help you to make your dog look great and feel comfortable.
Active French Bulldog will like playing with various dog toys, rubber balls, interactive toys on rope and chewing tugs.
French Bulldog accessories at our online dog store are designed especially for this active and muscular pet. Choose non pull French Bulldog harness to make your dog feel comfortable and stay under your control in walking and training.
French Bulldog Harness with Handle | Dog Wear for French BulldogSmall French Bulldog has a thin fur coat. Our French Bulldog coats will protect and warm it in cold weather.
In spite of French Bulldog flat snout form, we designed comfortable French Bulldog muzzles, that are reliably fixed on Frenchies' sphere-shape head and allow dogs to breathe free and feel safe and comfortable. We produce French Bulldog muzzles UK bestsellers.
French Bulldog Health Issues
The most characteristic French Bulldog health issues are breath problems. Because of the French Bulldog snout shape the airway is compacted. Thus, the regulation of temperature may be complicated with Frenchies and provoke suffering from the heat, up to lethal danger. It is important to supply your French Bulldog with fresh water and shade access to make it protected from the heat.
French Bulldogs are not transported by several airlines because of their breath problems when they are under hot or stressful conditions.
French Bulldog health issues may also include back or spinal disorders.
Another of French Bulldog health issues is patellar luxation (the slipping of kneecap). It may be the result of injury or cangenital deformities and is available to predict by testing.
French Bulldog Eyes
French Bulldog care includes special attention to French Bulldog eyes. French Bulldog skin folds under the eyes should be regularly cleaned and kept dry. French Bulldogs of light color tend to tear stains more than dark ones. Glaucoma, retinal fold dysplasia, corneal ulcers and juvenile cataracts are known to afflict French Bulldogs. Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) provides screening or prospective breeding candidates to eliminate these diseases in offspring.
French Bulldog Care - kennel accessories for French Bulldog care.

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