Dog Games in Winter


dog walking in winterWinter is not the reason to stay at home and cancel dog walking, especially if there is a lot of snow, wonderful views and fresh air outside.
Most dogs love snow. Your pet will show itself how to spend dog walking with joy and interest. Any way, there are many kinds of games that will keep you active and will not allow you to get cold and you will spend a lot of energy. Active dog walking in winter should take no less than 30-40 minutes.
Often dog owners do not know how to entertain a dog outside in winter and limit activity to simple walking. But if you know what does your dog like, it will be easier. If your dog likes to bring objects, he will like bringing even a simple stick. Some dogs entertain themselves even without the owner's part in the activity.
Dogs like to discover fresh snow around, smell, dig it and slide from hills. If there is a will, you will get a great joy playing with your dog.

Mysterious Hills

dog exercises in snowSome dogs enjoy playing with snow, digging into it, jumping into a snowdrift. You may use a favorite dog toy and throw it into a drift. Send a dog searching it with a command "Search" or "Bring". It is important to find a safe place for games. Snow may hide dangerous objects that may hurt a dog.

Snowballs Chase

Dogs that like bringing objects will like the activity of chasing snowballs.
If there are hills, your dog may chase a snowball that is rolling down.
Other way to play with snowball is to throw it up and let a dog catch a snowball with its jaws when it falls down. Usually dogs gladly catch snowballs and chew them apart.
Even cleaning of yard from snow may be funny and joyful. Some pets like to catch snow falling from a shovel.

Hill Fanciers

There are several ways of rolling from snowy hills. Dogs, who are not afraid of speed, like to sled alone or with the owner.
Some pets slide themselves laying on a side and pushing off with their paws. Your dog will have a great joy and exercise of this activity.
Some dogs like to sledge along a straight surface. But be careful with too sliding surfaces and watch your dog not to hurt its paws.

dog training in winterObstacle Course

You may arrange an obstacle course made of snow. You may pass the obstacles together with your dog or let him play alone.
Your dog will like it if you trained his agility before.
It may be difficult for dogs without definite training and skills.
Playing with a dog is always joyful even if he has no special skills and training. Each dog has his own habits and favorite games. You may always involve your dog in a game by a favorite dog toy, catch running and many other interesting and useful activities and exercises.