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New puppy care

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Taking a puppy home, first you should do is to arrange some things ready for coming of a new living being to your house. New puppy care is a responsible decision and you need to make your home ready to accept a new member of your family.

taking puppy home

Dog bed

First thing among the most important ones is arranging of a place for puppy. A dog should have its own space for having rest and it should be a calm and comfortable corner where no one will bother it. There are a great variety of dog beds at the market. Or you may make it yourself from natural materials you find at home. Prepare dog bed for adult dog size, as well as puppy grows very fast.

Dog plates

Prepare plates for water and food. The best dog plates are made of enamel or stainless steel. They are the safest and the most reliable. It is good if you find plates with rubber base - then they will not slide on the floor. You may place dog plates on regulated stand. Such plates are prevented from turning upside down and a dog cannot bath it it.

Puppy feeding

Prepare puppy food similar to the food it have been fed by the breeder. Later you may change it, but not at once.

taking a new puppy home

Puppy toys

Puppy needs special toys bought at dog store. The toys for kids will not go. they may be dangerous for puppy, as well as they are not intended for dog teeth and a dog just will tear them up or even swallow. We recommend the following list of toys: rubber ball, fabric bone, rubber toy for teeth hygiene, soft dog toy.

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solid rubber dog ballsoft dog toy bone

dog teeth hygienesoft dog toys


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Do not give all the toys at once. A dog will lose interest to the toys in this case. One or two toys are enough for one time. Change toys, hide them for some time and then a puppy will be happy to see them again and will not lose interest. use interactive dog toys and play with a dog. Give a toy to a puppy when you leave. it will distract its attention from your leaving.

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Dog cage and plastic box

Dog cage and dog box is needed for such situations, as home repair, transportation, taking a puppy to the vet and other cases. Train a puppy to dog cage from early puppy age. Then it will undergo transportation easier in adult age.

Puppy collar and leash

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leather dog collar for puppypuppy collar

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A dog should be trained to a collar and leash from puppy age. Choose natural leather dog collar or nylon dog collar for puppy. It should be regulated, well-fitting, not loose on dog neck.

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Choose a dog leash of 6 - 8 ft long. Choose leather dog leash or nylon dog lead with strong reliable snap hook. It will be a very needed accessory for taking your puppy to the vet and for walking in public places. If you want to have an obedient dog, train it to dog leash from puppy age.

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Puppy harness is also a comfortable dog training and walking accessory. It does not tighten puppy's neck when it is pulling. And also there are dog harnesses that train a dog not to pull on a leash. Our dog harnesses are easy regulated and you may adjust it maximum fit for your puppy while it is growing.

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small dog harness

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Dog muzzle

If you are a happy puppy owner of a large dog breed, you should think ahead of safety in public! Dog muzzle will keep you from many worries. Of course it would be better to train a dog to dog muzzle from puppy age. You will need it even if your dog is calm and obedient. There are cases when you will be really glad that trained your dog to a muzzle in early age. Visiting the vet, transportation or surgery - these cases surely demand a dog to be muzzled. You may choose a cheap plastic dog muzzle for puppy. But never buy a larger muzzle for your dog to grow up for it - dog muzzle should always fit a dog properly.

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