How to Train a Puppy of Fighting Dog Breeds?

Puppy Training Tips

amstaff dog harnessInternational organizations do not define such notion as fighting dog breeds. But we will point out top 8 dog breeds that have been originally bred for fights.
1. American Pit Bull Terrier
2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
3. English Mastiff
4. Chinese Shar Pei
5. English Bulldog
6. Fila Brasileiro
7. Cane Corso
8. Tosa Inu
Getting a puppy of any dog breed home is, first of all, a great responsibility. You are responsible for the puppy life, wellbeing, and wellbeing of all around the puppy and you. Getting a puppy of a fighting dog breed is twice more responsible.
Fighting dog breeds have been bred to be aggressive and it is up to dog training and your attention whether his aggression will be the main feature of his temperament or he will become a strong and devoted friend for you and your close ones.
The temperament and lifestyle of a dog owner defines what kind of a dog will grow out of a puppy of a fighting dog breed. Noizy companies with loud music irritate such dogs and they will struggle with it by aggression. All attention of a dog owner should be aimed at puppy training.

If there are family members that need special care - babies, elderly people, or people that require special treatment, they will be an object of weakness for a dog and will arise aggression. It is very important to teach and train your pet.

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Dog Training Ball on RopeIt is required for your dog to feel comfortable in the human society. At the very beginning of a puppy being at home the strict rules of dog behavior and routine should be established. A dog should obey it regularly and without any weakenings and steps apart. Disobedience as a sign of weakness provokes dog aggression.
It goes without saying that the help of a specialist is required for education of a fighting dog breed. Communication with conologists will be needed throughout all the dog life. There are clubs of these dog breeds. Of course a dog living in an apartment becomes a gentle homy creature, but natural instincts based on genetic level still keeps and may lead to an accident.

Cane Corso Mastiff Dog AccessoriesThe way out is one - physical loadings. Dog walking of a fighting dog breed should be long and physically loaded. The loading should be increased with the dog age. Puppy traning at the club usually starts from 4 months old. A puppy should get primary training before the professional one.
Basics of right dog behavior are: to know its name, place, time and place of walking, obey basic dog commands (sit, heel, stop). Adequate treatment of a puppy to a collar and a leash, and also a dog muzzle are important knowledge tips for respectable and comfortable dog being close to a human.

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