Prong Collars For Dogs

Prong collar for dogs. All commands within a couple of trainings.

Do you doubt if you need a prong collar for dogs? Be sure, pinch collar will help you to spend less time for training and commands that would be unbelievable without it!

Of course if you have a dog of small breed, there should not be any pinch collars! A usual collar will be quite enough. I know cases when a prong collar was worn even on a Pug-dog. They are really very stubborn pets, but a pinch collar have been used just once. It is enough for them, because the dogs are not large, and even a slight tightening of a lead is very sensitive for them.

The same is for puppies of three months old as well. And it is very rarely that a pinch collar is used for a puppy until it is 5 months old. A common collar is quite enough. To tell you the truth, according to puppies of large breeds, it is reasonable to use pinch collar, instead of pulling all the time the lead.

prong collar

Why do we need a prong collar for dogs and how to use it?

This simplest creature, when used by reasonable, but strict hands, will help while all the process of dog training and upbringing. Whether it is a command "come", or training not to pick up from the ground, a metal prong  collar will be a good help in all these cases. All the commands for dogs are worked out with help of it, especially, if you train a large dog.

Example: You are walking a dog on a leash, it is constantly pulling you, so, it is a question, who is the leading? You understand, that even a strong tightening of a lead with a common collar does not make any effect, and a dog proceeds to pull you forward. Here comes a prong collar. After a strict command "With me" and a slight pull in your direction a dog understands that it is not a joke. It is much easier to train a dog to walk by your side with help of a prong collar, than with a common one. But it is needed not always. So, consider the situation.

prong collar

It is as easy to use a prong collar for dogs, as a common dog collar. At first wear it on a dog neck, after taking off (if needed) spare links. You need to wear the collar to fit your dog without loose shaking, but also without tightening it's neck as well. Then you adjust a dog lead to a collar and use it as a common dog collar, but remember, that if there is a necessity, your pull should not be as sharp and strong as if you use a common dog collar.

Example: Imagine, that you are walking your dog on a leash already without problems. And there is a person passing by. Unexpectedly, your dog attacks the person. At the moment of attack say: "Stop!" and make a sharp (but not too strong) pull.

What should you do if a dog picks up food? If you see that a dog eats from the ground or floor, say "Stop/Drop it" and make a sharp pull. Other way you will not get success.

Are you trying to make your dog friend with a cat? If a dog is aggressive, then one of the variants is to wear a prong collar before getting acquainted to a cat. If a dog acts aggressive, say a command "Stop" and make a slight pull.

One more advantage of prong collar for dogs is the possibility to turn the thorns outside and use it as a common collar. It saves you if you want to train a dog command "Bite", but have no common dog collar with you at the moment.

prong collar


We can talk for a long time about use of prong collar for dogs, but the most important principle is the following: to make as strong pull, not to make it too painful for a dog, but to make it obey your order. Your task is to find "the happy medium".

Prong collar for dogs is good. But it is silly to forget at training about such means, as praise and treatment! Remember, it is better to inspire positive emotions and reactions of a dog, than make it perform it with means of strength.