Labrador Retriever

Labradors are a well-balanced, friendly and versatile breed, adaptable to a wide range of functions as well as making very good pets.
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Labrador Retriever Information
The Labrador Retriever origin comes from the Newfoundland island, from where these dogs were brought to the Great Britain. They were used as fisher helpers and assisted their owners to retrieve fish and tough fishing nets to the seashore. Nowadays Labrador Retriever popularity is well-known all over the world.
The functions of Labrador Retriever are multipurpose. Labradors are trained as search and rescue dogs, Labradors hunters, Labrador guide dogs and Labrador show dogs. Labrador Retriever dogs are great family pets and companions. They are loyal, affectionate and devoted family pets.

Labrador Information

Labrador Temperament
Labrador dog breed is popular for its distinctive features of a good service dog and being absolutely unpretentious to keeping conditions. Labrador is the most prevalent among retrievers.
Labrador character is calm, mentally stable, flexible, robust, active and cheerful. They are smart, friendly and obedient, love to play with kids and are  extremely patient with them. In spite of their large size, they reach adolescence quite fast. They are active in service, which Labradors are trained since 5-8 months old. Labrador puppies of 3-4 months old successfully learn basic behavior course. Labradors are very reliable dogs, that is able to work in the most difficult conditions.
All Labradors have inborn, deep love to water! This passion is laid deep in their genes, as the main function of Labrador ancestors was helping fishers with the nets. Labradors are very good at swimming and diving. They feel comfortable even in ice cold water and have a good immunity to cold.
Labrador breeders and owners joke often, that Labradors learn to swim first, and only then to walk. Even two-weeks old Labrador puppies will enjoy swimming in water.
One more Labrador characteristic is its love to prey games.
Labrador Training and Keeping
Labrador perfectly feels in apartments, as they are unpretentious to household and food. But the most comfortable conditions for keeping Labrador is a house with at least a small yard or territory for playing and walking.
Labradors are very popular all over the world with families with little children for their friendly character, playfulness and tender bearing. But it is not recommended to leave a young Labrador and children alone, as during a cheerful game your Lab may not account its strength and knock down a child to the ground.
Labrador TrainingLabrador training is easy. He is very patient and obedient by its nature.
To keep your Lab happy provide him with regular, active walking and cheerful, interactive games in the open air.
Labrador will feel very bad being left home alone for a long time. Lack of attention, affection and great amount of unused energy lead a dog to apathy and destructive, inobedient behavior.
Gratefully to the calm and stable Labrador character and absence of aggression in its traits, this family pet behaves well at guests. But Labrador is not used as a guard dog. He may keep absolutely indifferent to the situation. Though its large size and fearful outlook may frighten burglars.
Labrador Feeding
Labrador feeding does not differ much from other dogs feeding ratio. But it will need a lot of fish regularly in any condition: boiled or rare, frozen, river fish, sea fish - everything goes. These treats should be included in Labrador feeding ratio at least twice - three times a week.
From 3 weeks Labrador puppies are fed 5-6 times a day. In the elder age the feeding is diminished to 2-3 times.
Labrador feeding includes meat in boiled and raw variant. Balanced Labrador feeding should also include boiled and raw vegetables, herbals and eggs (2-3 times a week, boiled or raw). Dairy products are also perfect for Labrador feeding, especially in the first months (twice a week).
Labrador must always have a source of fresh, clean water. It is very important for dog good health and condition.
Labrador Retriever is a fantastic companion! He will be friendly absolutely to everyone, including family members and passers-by at the street. Large and nice Labrador Retriever may become a real family member. All it needs is attention and care of its owner and his family.

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