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Golden Retriever Dog Breed History

Golden Retriever takes its origin from gun dogs bred in Great Britain in the XIX century. The ancestors of Golden Retriever are straight-haired Retriever and Tweed Water Spaniel. The following crossings included the Irish Setter, the Bloodhound, the St. Jones Water dog of Newfoundland and wavy-coated retrievers.

Golden Retriever Information

Golden Retriever dog breed is one of the most popular in the world. They are favorite family pets but still stay one of the best hounding dog breeds and sport dogs.

Golden Retriever character is friendly and its appearance is very attractive. It's devotion is to bring happiness and positive emotions to everyone around.

Golden Retriever is a very friendly dog. His physical and mental features make this dog a perfect companion dog. Golden Retriever is loyal to his family and does not emphasize anyone from the family members. Golden Retriever and kids are going along together very well. Golden Retriever temperament is mentally stable and the cases of biting or aggression to the family members are excluded. They may fight with another dog in the case if it is impossible to avoid because of the aggression of the opponent dog only. And Goldies are able to defend themselves.

Golden Retriever dog is very tidy. It is a positive feature for any holder. The Golden Retriever intelligence is so deep, that is it able to perceive expressions and feel all intonations. Golden Retriever tries to perceive all the wishes of his owner and to perform them perfectly. The greatest happiness for this dog is a common activity and any interaction with his owner.

Golden Retriever is very tolerant to other pets, animals and people. Its friendly nature makes it possible to live friendly with other animals. Golden Retriever likes to play with new friends. It is very important for Golden Retriever to get attention. It cannot bear loneliness. Golden Retriever is a devoted friend. This dog needs to know that is is cared, beloved and trusted.

Golden Retriever temperament with perfect and fast reaction makes his a perfect rescue dog. He is able to make his own decision in extreme situations. There are many cases of Golden Retrievers rescued people from fire and flood. Golden Retriever guide dogs also perfectly perform their work.

Golden Retriever is not likely to be aggressive and to do any harm to people. That's why it is not a guard dog type.

Golden Retriever's sense of smell and his outstanding training abilities make him popular as police dog and military dog world-wide. Nowadays Golden Retriever dogs work at customs for search of drugs, weapons and explosives. Goldies work at places of fire in search for the arson point. Golden Retriever service dogs may be seen at airports, patrolling services and public places.

Golden Retriever is such a universal dog breed, that any Golden Retriever owner may choose any service most likely for himself. Golden Retriever is not necessarily should be trained to keep a definite service. But it is a shame if such a clever dog will not practice its inborn skills and capacities. Any activity, whether hunting together or show dog training, will be useful and interesting for both you and the dog.

Because of Golden Retriever temper being calm and obedient, it is a favorite dog breed of clip-makers and film directors. Goldies are inborn actors. There are many films where Golden Retrievers played the main role.

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