Why Do Dogs Bite | Dog Aggression Types and Reasons

Dog Biting. Why Do Dogs Bite? Dog Aggression.

Dog biting is a natural way of dog communication. But sometimes dog biting causes problems. And many dog owners wonder, why is their dog biting? There are different reasons and presupposed natural explanations. Here we will try to find out the most common of them and give some advices. We hope it will be interesting and helpful.

Dog teeth are indispensable part of dog digesting system and serve for food shredding. But it is not the only function of dog's teeth. Teeth are important communication tool in dog's world.

puppy biting

From the puppy age dogs communicate with each other by means of teeth, biting each other. By the means of play they learn to control the biting strength. When a dog biting is too strong, another dog yelp to make understand that it is hurting or unpleasant. The mother-dog may involve into the process, bringing up the puppy-biter, by shaking it, grasping at the fur, asking this way to control it biting strength.

Little puppies are trying everything with their teeth. This way puppies learn the outer world, including the handler's hands. never allow even slight dog biting from the puppy's side. Command strictly: "Stop!" and turn its attention to something other. Never play with a dog by hands, use toys only! In the future slight puppy biting may rise into strong dog biting that may cause injures and hardly bring any joy.

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By the way, dog biting is one of the main reasons why people try to give up their dog, give to a dog rescue center, dog shelter or even make euthanasia. But dog biting is mostly the problem of dog upbringing, first of all, but not the reason of a bad genetics. Of course, genetic heritage also plays some role. Some dog breeds are intentionally bred to be aggressive (Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, Rottweiler).

44 dog teeth are the main dog's weapon, that may be mortal at some cases. They are also the main defense means.

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Why dog dogs bite? Dog biting reasons. Dog Aggression Types.

Dog biting is the result of dog aggression. There are 3 types of dog aggression: predatory, hierarchical, defensive.

Predatory dog aggression is expressed if a dog is hungry, towards its prey. But mental problems may lead to the cases, when not a hungry dog may attack livestock and kill it unmotivated. But do not confuse predatory aggression with prey instinct of a special retrieve dog breeds, hounds.

Predatory aggression of stock dogs is especially dangerous. They may take a human for a prey and attack. Please, always avoid such dog stocks, especially if you are alone.

Hierarchical dog aggression is expressed if a dog feels that somebody is trying to take its leadership in a stock. Dogs are stock animals with a definite hierarchy. Leading male always eats in the first turn, defines the routine of other stock members, protects its unity, controls the process of reproduction. Each stock members knows its place and function. A dog feels comfortable if it knows its place. It is natural for a dog to consider its family as a stock. Dog owner is a leader male for a puppy. But while a puppy is growing, it is trying to proceed its hierarchical status and take the leading position. You may even not notice when your dog becomes the leader of your family. How to define who is the leader in the family: you or your dog? Leader always takes the best positions at home: this way it is easier to control the other members of stock. Does your dog growl when you are trying to take it off a sofa, or take off his delicacy, or try to comb him? If yes, he is surely the leader at your home.

dog biting

If you will try to take the leading position again, your dog may express aggression towards you and you are risking to be bitten. In this case, if you will allow it once and do not take means to stop it, a dog will be biting at any conflict situation.

Make a dog understand from the puppy age, that YOU are the stock leader, YOU are the owner, YOU are the breadwinner. And then you will not face dog aggression on the hierarchical base and save yourself and the others from other dog behaviour problems.

Defending dog aggression is caused by fear, unusual situation. If a dog is under stressful circumstances, it may bite unexpectedly. Wounds may be not serious, as well as a scared dog does not control the strength of biting. By the way it may be a very sweet being in common daily situations. It is obvious, that we should be extremely careful with an injured dog, as well as it can bite involuntarily. That's why it is important to wear a muzzle on a dog taking it to a vet.

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Often strange children, who cannot treat a dog correctly, may frighten a dog and provoke dog biting. Do not leave your dog with strange children unsupervised to avoid injures.