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Collie dog breed is a distinctive type of a herding dog, including many related races and formal breeds (Collie, Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog), Shetland Shepherd, English Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Scotch Collie, Welsh Sheepdog etc.). Collie set the roots in Scotland and Northern England. Collie is a medium-sized, fairly lightly built dog with a pointed snout, and many Collie types have a distinctive white pattern over the shoulders. Collies are very vivid and active, and most types have a very strong herding instinct. The collie type has spread througout the world and has diversified into many varieties, sometimes with mixture from other dog types. Collies are generally medium-sized dogs of about 10 to 25 kg (22 to 55 lb), fairly lightly built with a pointed snout and erect or partly erect ears, giving a foxy impression. Cattle-herding types tend to be rather more stocky. Collies are always alert and are active and agile. The fur may be short, flat, or long, and the tail may be smooth, feathered, or bushy. Working collies are extremely energetic and agile dogs with great stamina, well able to run all day without tiring, even over very rough or steep ground. Working collies are of excellent working/obedience intelligence, and are instinctively highly motivated to work.
Sheepdogs have been especially well-spread in highlands between England and Scotland. Interesting peculiarity of Collie from other sheepdogs is lack of aggression. It is caused by absence of wolves at British islands. The main function of Shetland Sheepdog Collie have been the ability to keep a herd together. This ability has become so strong, that is preserved nowadays. When walking with a group of people Collie does not like them to go far from each other. A dog becomes worried and tries to gather them together in a single 'herd' by barking and running around.
Border Collie Temperament
Border Collie temperament is many-sided. These dogs are kindhearted and get used to the way of life of their owner. Border Collie may easy become a sport dog if raised by an active sportsmen, or a devoted guard, friendly companion and even a caring nurse dog if raised with children as a family dog. For calm people of measured way of life Border Collie becomes a good companion, understanding friends and companions for calm walking.
Border Collie tries to avoid conflicts with people and other animals. But they will give a good defense if it is needed. Modern Collie dog breed performs the functions of a guard dog, a search and rescue dog, a shepherd and a companion dog. Border Collie becomes a brilliant guide dog after special training.
Border Collie temperament is active. They are always ready to play and run, actively perceive everything around, curious, clever and intelligent, easy-trained and have a good memory. The Border Collie dog breed is famous for its dramatic abilities as well. There are many films with Border Collie dog acting the main role.
Border Collie is a shepherd dog. Some shepherd dogs have problems with playing catch-up and biting.
Border Collie Care
Border Collie perfectly feel living in apartment, if walked regularly daily. In spite of its thick and long fut, Collie undergoes heat well. Collie's coat protects it from heat and cold. They have health problems very seldom.
Border Collie Fur Care
Gorgeous Collie coat is admitted at the first sight at this dog. The question arises: how to care of the fur of Collie? It might take a lot of time and powers. That is close to the truth. Collie coat needs special care before shows. But in daily routine it needs care as well. For Collie fur care you will need several brushes and combs: at least a dog fur care comb with thick teeth and usual dog brush for long fur.

Dog Comb with Wooden Handle for Perfect Look of Dog Fur Special curved slicker brush with an unbreakable handle, UK

Long fur of Collie is to be brushed by taking it up to get to the roots. The ear areas, chest, pants and tail need special attention. It is better to spend brushing your dog 15-20 minutes daily, than suffer from impossibility to brush it and cut off rolled-up pieces of dog coat.

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