Retractable Dog Lead Versus Usual Dog Walking Lead

A retractable dog lead or a usual lead for a dog?

Dog lead or retractable dog lead are basic dog equipment. These are the first need dog walking and training tools to get when you become a dog owner. Retractable dog lead or dog lead is required for dog of any breed, age, size and behavior. What is better for a dog: a retractable or a usual dog lead? We will review two different points of view as for this matter.

Point #1. Retractable dog lead.
Retractable dog lead - I prefer retractable dog lead for my dog. Of course, it has some disadvantages, such as lack of control over a dog. But why do I chose a retractable dog lead? It may seem that a dog is walking me but not I am walking a dog. But I do not struggle for leadership. My dog enjoys freedom. It is essential and natural for him to smell everything around. The point of his daily walking is free running, smelling and "doing his things". That's why we prefer a tape dog lead.
At first I got a 7 m retractable dog lead. But I released that 5 m is enough for me and my dog. As a rule I choose tape dog lead Flexi Comfort for medium dog breeds with weight up to 25 kg. I like that it has a rubber-padded handle and it is easier to hold and fix in a hand without slide.
Retractable dog lead requires some time to get used to. The difficulty is that it is uncomfortable to pull a dog closer to yourself.
There are two types of retractable dog leads: a tape and a rope. A rope dog lead roulette has a serious disadvantage. It may injure your hand or leg if a dog suddenly sharply pulls and a rope touches open skin. That's why it is not to be gripped when a dog pulls. But nevertheless I use a rope retractable dog lead only. While two years I use it I have never had injures neither on my hands nor on the dog. Also I have never had problems with knots on a rope dog lead. I like that a rope retractable dog lead has a 1 m long tape at the beginning. It is very convenient to hold a dog when required. Tape dog lead is less dangerous but it is easy entangled and stained. A tape dog lead easy blows with the wind.
For two years I use the third retractable dog lead. The first one is successfully eaten by my Beagle. I fixed him with the retractable to a tree while I have been sitting 3 m beside it. A dog could not help but gnaw it through. The second one was crashed at a tree. The third one is still in use. But summer will show. Important: do not buy Chinese fakes. Original retractable dog lead of a famous trade mark worth the money, as it will serve you for a long time, if nobody affects its lifespan.

Point #2. Dog walking lead.
Leather dog lead - My choice is a leather dog lead. It is absolutely impossible to control a dog on a retractable dog lead. Leading a dog while walking is also difficult. A finger is at the fixing button all the walking long, in the order to be ready to clip, fix or release the catch. Retractable dog lead entangles in bushes and trees immediately. It is inconvenient for dogs to play on a retractable dog lead. And rope retractable dog lead is even dangerous for it. When somebody is walking with a dog on a retractable dog lead in darkness it is frightening to hear the noise of clicking and whistles of an invisible rope that threatens to injure one's legs any moment.
Dog lead does not cause any alike troubles. First of all, usual dog lead length of 2.5-3 m is enough to let a dog move freely enough and to fold it when needed to keep a dog closer. Of course it requires some time to get used to, as any device and any type of dog lead. It may be hold by two hands. If a dog suddenly pulls and a lead becomes unfolded it is possible to catch a slipping end by another hand in time. By a dog lead tightening is easy to change the speed of dog walking. Even a sharp pull while immediate stop is softened by natural amortizing by your hand. When you get enough experience you will accelerate, decelerate or diverse dog direction by easy moves of your fingers.
Dog walking lead Second, you may throw dog lead any time to the ground if needed. It will not crash or injure a dog. And it is easy to take up again. But imagine throwing a retractable dog lead out of your hands. Imagine how many dogs and puppies have been frightened by crashing noise of a falling roulette and beaten on their paws. Usual dog lead is easy cleaned and wiped unlike a rope or tape retractable dog lead (if it is cleaned at all).
Further, if we set a dog off leash, a dog lead does not bother us at all. It is light, easy to hang on shoulders or tighten on a belt. And a retractable dog lead is to be carried in a hand.
In general, dog lead is more durable than a retractable one. They both have one weak point - snap hook. But besides this fact dog lead is almost indistructible, while roulette is quite possible to crush and at many points. The prices of these two devices are completely disparate. So here is a tale in a sake of a dog lead! But however I try i cannot find advantages of a retractable dog lead. I cannot understand why many dog owners use it.

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