How To Save A Dog From Poison

How to prevent dog poisoning

Soft Leather Muzzle for Bulldog Flat Snout, Perfectly VentilatedNowadays we live in a civilized world and the problems of homeless dogs seems to be resolved. There are many dog shelters and rescue organizations that care of homeless dogs and help them to live a decent life, have at least a piece of bread each day and to find new loving owner and family. Unfortunately, often the shelters space and money granted are limited and not always enough for feeding and keeping all the homeless dogs.
We sincerely support and respect the people who join with their strong kindhearted will to help homeless abandoned dogs to find a warm place and food. Fordogtrainers company often makes donations for dog rescue organizations and dog shelters, for auctions, aimed to get money for keeping of abandoned homeless dogs.
But there are also people whose aim is opposite: to put homeless dogs to death by all means. They consider these dogs to be a potential danger for society, public, children and other pets.
Sometimes their actions lead to death not only homeless dogs, but also family pets. Many dog owners are worried about this problem. There appears a vital question: how to prevent dog poisoning?

Leather Dog Muzzle Cane Corso | Best Dog Muzzle For Cane CorsoCommon dog poisons

Signs of dog poisoning with isoniazid

Isiniazid is an antibiotic used as a treatment for tuberculosis. It is quickly absorbed and the signs of dog poisoning appear within 2-3 hours after taking the poisoned treat in.
This medicine is cheap and is frequently used by dog poisoners.
How to know if your dog is poisoned? The signs of dog poisoning with isoniazid are sleepy dog behavior, loss of coordination, weakness, foamy extractions from mouth, a lot of saliva, vomiting. Later it is followed by coma, convulsions and heavy breath.
Antidote for dog poisoning with isoniazid is a well-known and available without receipt vitamin B6 - pyridoxine. It is very important to give this treatment quickly for a dog, who is poisoned with isoniazid. It is to be taken intravenously. The recommended doze is in direct ratio to the taken poison. If it is impossible to define it, give 5 gr of pyridoxine.

Signs of dog poisoning with rat poison

The signs of dog poisoning with rat poison appear within 2-3 days. A dog has bloody diarrhea, bloody vomiting, weakness, heavy breath, high temperature up to 40 C. Blood coagulability is abnormal, it is difficult to stop bleeding.

French Bulldog Muzzle UK Bestseller | Muzzle for French BulldogFirst aid for dog poisoning with rat poison:

1. Induce dog vomiting (within 2 hours). If help is required immediately and you have no time to take a dog to veterinarian, do it with several teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide.
2. Rat poison antidote for dogs is vitamin K1.Doze taken is 5 mg per kg of dog weight. Taken twice a day for at least 3 weeks.
3. If it is late to help by vomiting (more 2 hours passed) give activated charcoal to prevent absorption of poison.
4. A vet may prescribe a plasma transfusion in addition to vitamin K treatment.
5. A veterinarian may use other intravenous treatments in some critical cases.
Keep in mind vitamin K. It is prescribed for human poisoning with rat poison too.

English Bull Terrier Muzzle Hand Painted LeatherFirst aid for dog poisoning by unknown poison type

First of all induce dog vomiting. Let it take a lot of water or with several teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide.Give activated charcoal or other poison absorbing treatment. Do an enema with warm water.
In any case you admit your dog is poisoned, take your dog to a veterinarian immediately!

K9 Dogs Muzzle for Rottweiler Training, Attack and AgitationHow to prevent your dog from being poisoned

You may prevent dog poisoning of your dear pet. First of all a dog needs to be trained to stop picking up from the ground. It is almost the first thing for a dog to be trained to a command "No" or "Stop". If your dog denies to obey and keeps picking up any food around, a dog owner will have to walk him on lead and with a dog muzzle only. Some dog owners take medicine kit to dog walking. But it is not comfortable. It is much easier to train a dog to stop picking up from the ground.

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