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Fordogtrainers specialists have a rich experience in production of professional, quality dog training equipment and dog accessories for medium and large breeds since 1995. We will help you to make the best choice.

We try our best to keep You satisfied with our products and service and will never leave You in a trouble.
Use the instructions:
How to measure dog muzzle size.
How to choose the right size dog collar.
How to measure a dog for a harness.
We will choose the best fit size for your dog. Do not hesitate to Contact Us if You have any questions, need help or advice.

Featured Products

Big Dog Collar For Large Dog 1.5" wide
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Choke Dog Collar - Springy Leather Chain NEW!
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Round Leather Dog Collar Choke
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Dog Leash Rope 10 mm Wide
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Police Dogs Leads | Dog Training Lead
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I-Grip High Quality Training Dog Lead UK
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Walking 2 Dogs Double Dog Leash
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Dog Metal Rake with Nickel Plated Handle
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Dog Bite Tug for Prey Drive Training
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Large Wire Dog Muzzle for Large Breeds, UK
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Our customers are special people... They love dogs, give them their friendship and attention. But besides of this they appreciate their time, high quality of dog products and fast service. And in our turn, we appreciate our customers. That's why work of Fordogtrainers on-line dog shop is founded on the following principles:

  • Attention for every Customer.
  • Care for comfort and safety of Your pets.
  • The best dog products with the quality that is confirmed by international certificates.
  • High standards of professional competence.
  • Fast service.
  • Improvement of the products according to our Customers' wishes.

  • Since 1995 our company strives for Your trust. We work with recognized specialists in the sphere of canine research, professional dog trainers and veterinarians. More than 35 specialists embodied their experience and knowledge in our dog store in the order to provide your dog with worthy equipment. Every dog product is carefully tested and examined before coming into Your hands. Our goal is to do all possible to grow Your desire to come back to us again and again.

    In the production of our dog training equipment we use only proved materials of the highest quality. Because the best dog accessories are manufactured only of the best materials. We understand that you buy our dog products for those, who are very appreciated, and that's why we make it with love.
    If You are at our on-line dog store for the first time and need an instruction or an advice of a professional - You may always Contact Us. Our managers will answer all Your questions and help to make the right choice.

    Quality of our dog stuff goes ahead of its price. Handmade manufacturing and thought-out design let us make the dog products that will serve You and make Your dog happy for a long time.

    We know, that the best advertisement are the references of grateful clients, that's why we are not stingy with our powers and do all possible to keep You satisfied with every purchase.

    We also want to turn Your attention that our company is the only one in the world who owns the certificate of "Management and Control over the Quality of the Manufactured Goods" in this sphere - ISO 9001:2008, № i2231

    This information will help you:

    How to measure dog muzzle size

    How to size your dog for a harness

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    What Do Dog Muzzles Do? Here we will tell why are dog muzzles used and when to use dog muzzles.

    Teaching a Dog to Wear a Muzzle (Muzzle Training) Learn how to make your dog get used to wear a muzzle and stop taking it off with its paws.

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    Dog Breeders and Dog Services Catalog UK

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