Detailed study of breed standard

Detailed study of breed standard

Breed standard of Cane Corso

The requirements of the standard must be strictly observed in order to prevent talking of blunders that, for example, the experts find during selection of mastiffs: excessive growth in breeding the dogs with large horrendous head resulted in weakening of body musculature, structural abnormality of limbs, and formation of feeble long dorsum.



General appearance

Breed Cane Corso must produce an impression of a mighty athletic and elegant animal. Its body is massive with well-developed musculature and strong skeleton. When breeding the Cane Corso breeders try to hold to certain body proportions of the animals that are standard ones. Ratio of the height of the dog at the withers to the trunk height (slanting height)–lengthiness index-is to be 110. Ratio of the height (up to the elbow joint) to the height at the withers–index of long legs-is to be 50.




Cane Corso has typical molosser head; superciliary arches are well-defined. The length of the head corresponds 36% of the animal’s height at the withers. The brainpan must be wide, at that its width in the cheek-bones must equal to the length of the skull (or be more). Bulge of forehead at the front must gradually thicken towards parietal part and nape. Inferior frontal sulcus is well-marked. There is a deep bridge between the forehead and the muzzle. Cranial part is twice as long as muzzle.



The length of the muzzle is 1/3 of the length of the head. If the dog has short-cut muzzle then this may lead to disorder of cardiac performance and breathing, for another thing, dental formula changes. Cane Corso must have massive, lightly upturned square muzzle with blunt cut. Besides, the length and the width of the muzzle must be equal, but its side parts must be parallel with each other. It must not be down because it is a deficiency.



If the lines of the forehead and the muzzle are parallel or the muzzle is too upturned, if it has a cuneal shape then it is a big default. Points are single parts that are very important during evaluation of the dog’s exterior and working abilities.The standard requires that the jaws of the dog should be large, massive and arched, but the bite is firm undershot. Notwithstanding that direct occlusion is allowed, rush for it may lead to very fast brygmus.



However, not a bite is the determinant while evaluating of juniors and puppies, but profile of the muzzle, because the bite will be formed a little later. The juniors very often have scissor jaw relationships and in proportion to the dog’s growth this bite turns into proper close occlusion. In this connection you can concern yourself with guard training or fetch commands. In this case you may not worry that your dog will acquire magnus"undershot".





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