How to measure your dog for a good fit new harness

How to measure dog harness

How to measure a dog for a harness

Step 1. It is important to make your dog stand still and steady. Ask somebody to hold a dog. It is important for right measurements to measure a steady upright standing dog.

Step 2. How to measure dog chest size for harness? - Girth is the first measurement you will need for any model of a dog harness. It is measured behind the front legs, in the widest part of dog chest. This line is marked red on the picture.

Step 3. Neck circumference is also needed for some models of dog harnesses. It is marked green at the picture.

Step 4. Chest strap length: it is needed for weight pulling harnesses and some other models of dog harnesses which have a chest strap. It is marked blue on the picture. Measure this option from the line of chest circumference behind the front legs to the same point on the opposite side.

how to measure dog harness

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