What is a Dog Harness Used for? Types of Dog Harnesses

What are dog harnesses for? How dog harness should fit?

Dog harnesses: what are the types of dog harness and why get a dog harness? Dog harnesses are subdivided into categories according to the material they are made of and the sphere of use. These are common, pulling, service and special harnesses for dogs. We use genuine leather and quality nylon to produce the best dog harnesses. Do you know, that a dog harness lets distribute the loading more evenly on the dog chest when a dog pulls? Dog harness allows you control a dog without tightening and rubbing its neck and chest. It is a very comfortable, reliable and safe tool.

Dog harnesses are used for dog walking (for example, Rottweiler, Boxer, Doberman), tracking activity, training activity and many other cases. Some dog breeds are traditionally walked wearing harness: these are either very small dogs, or very strong ones (Amstaffs, Rottweilers). There are not only walking dog harnesses. Except of these there are also special dog harnesses for service, weight pulling and dog sport.

Dog pulling harness is used for towing of skier, skijoring competitions, pulling dog competitions, dog muscles training, weight pulling and so on. The general strap of a dog pulling harness lays on the front surface of dog chest and provides even loading. The "correct" pulling harness for dogs should not have a ring in the withers area, as this way balance is disordered. The ring is located in the croup and is fastened or glides (depends on a construction) on side straps. Pulling harnesses for dog are frequently made by individual order.

Service dog harnesses are used for training and dog activity at guard service - as an alternative for a dog collar, that may hurt a dog neck when a dog pulls. The design of a guarding dog harness is distinguished by the position of the chest strap. It lays between the front legs. Dog lead for training is fastened to rings at dog whithers. While buying a dog harness be very attentive to rings and the place of their fastening and joining on withers.

For "dog fitness" - training of a dog for muscles weight - the weight harnesses for dogs are used. It is better to use this dog harness after a veterinarian consulting (as well as to define the conditions of such dog training).
How dog harness should fit? The main condition - the dog harness should fit tight the dog body without pushing and sagging. Ask a breeder or a person, that trains his dog the same kind of sport you are going to train yours using a dog harness, to help you.

Harnesses for large and middle dog breeds are made of reliable material - genuine leather or durable nylon, with thick straps, with hard buckles and buckles. Harness for dog should not be too heavy, the most important - it should be comfortable for a dog. It is not recommended to use a dog harness constantly, because it while activity wearing a dog harness there is a little different center of weight than at the activity when it wears a collar. When a dog is constantly trained wearing a harness it will feel not so comfortable wearing a collar on the ring.

Dog nylon harnesses are much lighter than leather ones. And they are more durable and are not less reliable than dog leather harnesses.

The choice of dog harnesses impresses nowadays - a lot of models, colors, design, materials... But it is not so easy to choose a dog harness for your pet. First of all define the area you are intended to use a dog harness. Light weight nylon harness for dog without rings and buckles will fit for pulling and towing, and it should have a towrope for fastening. For working dog training you'd better choose a leather dog harness with broad straps and reliable buckles. Check the rings to be cast, the straps to be reliably stitched and rivets to be strong. Except of leather dog harness you may buy a combined one - nylon + leather, it is lighter and a little bit cheaper. You should also check the quality of rings and buckles as well.

Nowadays the owners of small decorative dogs often buy dog harnesses for their pets. It is easier and more comfortable for dogs with thick neck, like Pug, English or French Bulldog, to wear a dog harness instead of a dog collar. It is better to wear a light nylon harness for dog than a collar for gentle small dog breeds like Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, who have a thin neck and a gentle throat. The choice of dog harnesses for small dog breeds is very rich - from light and simple nylon dog harnesses to designer dog harnesses made of natural leather and decorated with studs and spikes. Usually harnesses for small dogs are in a kit with the same lead, and you buy a complete set at once.

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Author: Julia Bosenko, an experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.