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Doberman Pinschers are favorite pets in many families, they are devoted companions, loyal domestic dogs and also frequently used as guard and police dogs. It is a finely built middle-sized dog with a square built and short coat. Doberman Pinschers are devoted, determined, watchful, obedient and therefore they are very well trained and used in various services.

Doberman Dog Breed History

Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann was a tax-collector in Germany at the end of XIX century. His aim was breeding of a dog that would accompany and guard him in his journeys. A dog should had been not large, but a big enough and short-haired (to avoid special care), brave and endurable. Dobermann owned a local dog rescue and had a great access to many various dog breeds. In those days there was an aggressive and watchful dog breed of German Pinscher. Doberman had chosen those dog breed and crossed it with Rottweiler (a large dog with a high ability for tracking).

Doberman is a medium-sized dog with strong and muscular body.

Doberman Harness

Doberman Temperament

Doberman temperament is mainly friendly and calm. This dog is very friendly with the family and children. He is very devoted and affectionate and can be very tender. He has moderate temperament and aggression. Doberman is obedient, intelligent but owns a good fighting instinct and bravery. His self-confidence and fearlessness are especially valuable. He is very attentive to the outer space. Doberman dogs are watchful and suspicious of strangers. For these qualities Doberman is an excellent guard dog and service dog.

The type of Doberman activity is energetic but moderate. But not all Doberman dogs are easy trained. Some of these dogs need "a strongman" in training.

Doberman is very devoted to his owner. He is very sensitive to the tone and pitch of his voice and admits any mood change of his owner. He highly understands intonations and is very obedient to the requirements.

Doberman Training Bite Sleeve

Doberman Training

Doberman needs activity. Doberman walking should last at least 40 min daily. Doberman walking should obligatory include running off leash.

Doberman is very intelligent and easy trained. For his intelligence and obedience, memory and devotion, Doberman is able to obey a command given at the first time. Doberman training should be attentively lead for the development of its guard instincts and your dog will become a perfect family guard in the future.

Doberman may be kept in apartment. But remember that it need regular and long walking. Other ways some health problems may appear. Doberman feeding should necessarily include raw meat.

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