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Dog bite training with a bite protection sleeve has four stages: grip by teeth, carry-over, fight, fight with an agitation stick / whip.

dog bite training pad schutzhund training builer

Schutzhund Training With a Jute Dog Bite Pad and a Jute Bite Bulder

Devil Dragon V Jahrestal on the left (handler: Monika Katonova, trainer: Michael McCann) and Luna on the right photo (handler: Birgit Ranson)

At first a dog is trained on a long leash (nylon or leather dog leash). A helper wears a soft dog bite sleeve. First stage of dog bite grip acts the way the bite builder-tug is gripped, but this time a helper wears a bite protection suit. The goal of this stage is to train a dog biting and gripping the sleeve by a full snout. At this Schutzhund dog training stage a helper carries the full responsibility for the faults and successes.

It is important that a helper holds a sleeve in the right position, not too low and not too high, at the waist level approximately.

If a helper is a right-hander, a dog bite sleeve is worn at the left hand. In this case at the moment of bump with a dog a helper is to pull left hand back to avoid injuring a dog by hitting on the sleeve. The right hand is to be stretched aside to keep balance.

Fordogtrainers proposes dog bite sleeves for left and right hand. There are also ambidexterous dog bite sleeves, that suits both left and right arm. Dog Bite Sleeves.

dog bite sleeve training dog bite sleeve training

Michael McCann, the UKDA trainer trains his Dobermans Pride of Russia Dushan (left) and Zeus (right) with a Professional Dog Bite Sleeve. Michael trains all his dogs with Fordogtrainers equipment.

When a dog grips the sleeve, a helper pushes the left hand forward to keep dog balance. Here begins so called carry-over stage. A handler pulls a dog and follows it to hold the sleeve gripped. A handler or a trainer follows the dog keeping it on a long lead to give a dog enough freedom of movement. If a dog shows good fighting abilities, it can move forward to the following dog bite training stage, training the same exercise with a hard dog bite sleeve.

After several exercises a handler begins to leave a dog lead to let a dog move free. But still a handler or trainer stays near the dog. Each exercise finishes by dog getting the bite sleeve and praises from the handler.

dog bite sleeve training dog bite sleeve training

Happy GSDs After Dog Bite Training with Their Catch, a Dog Bite Sleeve with Jute Cover and Light Dog Bite Sleeve with Soft French Linen Cover

The next stage, fighting, depends completely on helper's abilities. He is to move dog bite sleeve very softly and slowly at first, and gradually make the moves stronger and faster.

Here the speed and quality of movement is chosen up to the temperament and fighting qualities of a dog.

Finally, there is a stage of exercises with an agitation stick or agitation whip, that a helper uses to hit a dog while fighting. A helper should choose the best moments for hitting in the order to make a dog keep the bite sleeve gripped, to avoid frightening a dog and making its moves slower.

Hitting by a whip is realized at the moment when a dog grips the sleeve tightly with the teeth and shows bright marks of readiness to fight. By hitting a helper should encourage a dog to fight further. And only after some moments a helper gives up the sleeve to a dog. If a dog weakens the grip or gives up the sleeve after hitting by a whip, there is a need to come back to the stage of pulling (carry-over) or even gripping by teeth. But this time a helper should keep a stick/whip in his hand to let a dog get used to the sight of a stick / whip.

But take into account, that trained dogs get used to hitting and ignore it. If a dog grip becomes weaker after hitting or a dog leaves it from teeth, it is probably the fault of a handler, who chooses a wrong moment to hit.

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