Mondioring: Dog Competition Rules

Mondioring Dog Competition

Canine federations of different countries have their own opinion about schutzhund dog training. There are such canine concepts as French Ring, Russian Ring, Belgian Ring. But it’s quite difficult to compare different dog training schools’ achievements. The solution of this problem is Mondioring, it is a Universal Ring with the standards that allow to hold competitions between representatives of different schools.

Mondioring developers united the most effective and spectacular defensive dog training elements of different canine training schools. There are various distracting factors and difficult situations, in which a dog should protect the owner using its skills.

However, it’s not just a show. The competitions present the laborious task results, as it extremely hard to prepare fearless defender.

Schutzhung Dog Training

Mondioring Rules

Mondioring program consists of performing consecutive exercises of different kind. The participants have no breaks during the competition. The performance duration is 20 – 45 minutes depending on the qualification level.

The dog competition program includes: obedience, jumping, and protection. The main thing a dog should present is ability to react adequately on the conditions changes and readiness to protect the owner in any situation. In performing standard commands additional pressure factors are used. For example, a dog must walk through water stream before making a grip.

Mondioring Dog Competition Preparation

Complicating factors and additional subjects are not reported in advance. So unexpectedness works on the dog, as well as on the owner.

The order of the exercises in Mondioring competitions is effected by lot. All the participants go through the stages in the same order. Dog safety during the competition is of a great importance. Besides a leader (owner) there is also a helper (attacker) in performing dog exercises. It’s forbidden for a helper to beat a dog and to use small arms against it. The subjects which may touch a dog in performing exercises are strictly regulated.

Mondioring Dog Training

Mondioring allows canine experts of different countries to avoid clichés in dog training and to prepare them to various unexpected moments. This kind of sports is becoming popular, attracting more and more participants every year. Such spectacular and peculiar dog competitions find their peculiar niche in canine sports.

Mondioring preparation dog training equipment:

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