Dog Show Training

Start Dog Show Training. The First Dog Show of Your Pet

The first dog show is very exciting! It is a new experience for you and your pet.

Dog showing includes various rings for each dog breed. Each pedigree dog is judged against the official Kennel Club Dog Breed Standard.
Find out what kind of ring is for your pet according to its breed standard and find your local dog show classes.


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What do I need to start showing my dog?
It is easy to participate in dog showing. For a dog show dogs are required to:


  • Be registered with the Kennel Club. (Visit the registrations section of the Kennel Club's Breed Register).
  • 6 months of age and over.
  • Enter a show in a class, according to the dog breed. Licensed shows of the Kennel Club are listed at the Events Diary and are updated monthly.
  • Before taking part in dog showing make sure your dog is healthy. Heath is the most important standard for any dog breed.

To avoid hesitation at the event prepare your dog carefully ahead.
A dog is to be groomed according to the breed standard. Dogs that do not require grooming or trimming are to be washed 2-3 days before the show. Examine dog ears and clean them if some ear-wax is noticed. Check the length of dog claws. Too long dog claws interfere free dog moves.

Dog Show Leads | Leather Show Dog Leads UK NEW ModelBrush dog fur before the show to make it look neat. Dogs are showed in ring on a special lead and collar. They are called dog show collars and leads. Different dog breeds require various dog show collars and leads. Get to know what type of dog show collar and lead is used exactly for your dog.
Dog behavior in ring is very important. It affects the judges' assessment the greatest. A dog that proudly represents itself looks much better than a jumping and naughty competitor. Even if the last one has other benefits.
How to start dog show training?
1. Start dog show training ahead to make it move in the ring properly.
2. Get dog treats, take on a dog show collar and lead and start moving with a dog along the ring anticlockwise.
3. Your pace should make a dog trot maximum fast. When a dog trots well, attentively and keeps even pace, give a dog treat and praise a dog.
4. Keep training until you are sure that a dog moves properly not only in perfect conditions but also with irritants. Train your dog at places with other dogs and people and teach it to be attentive and keep pace at any circumstances. Your dog is to walk on a lead nicely without being distracted by other dogs or people.
Dog show position training

Show Dog Collars for Champion Dogs | Herm Sprenger CollarNo less important is the part of a dog show when your dog is to keep upright position to represent itself. Consult which position is characteristic for the dog breed of your pet. It differs for various dog breeds.
1. Train dog show stand ahead.
2. Create some command to indicate it for dog show stand.
3. Take a dog treat and walk a dog on a lead then tell the command and make it stop by other hand, creating an obstacle at its path.
4. While the dog keeps standing still praise it and give treats. Do not forget to give a command to go when the stand is performed.
5. If you tell a command to stand still but the dog keeps walking or moving paws stop the exercise and start it again from the very beginning.
6. Do not cry at a dog if it can't do something. A dog show is to be pleasant for your pet.
A dog is also to be trained to show its teeth (and testicles for male dogs). To train a dog to show teeth we will need dog treats and a companion to play the role of a judge.
Dog show training: dog teeth

Dog Show Collar with Chromium-Plating High GlossWhile showing dog teeth your pet may sit or stand depending on the breed of your dog.
1. Take dog snout carefully. One hand is under the lower jaw. Pet a dog with your other hand at upper snout area, nose, while touching and slightly opening dog lips by the sides.
2. It is important to praise a dog.
3. After the exercise give a treat for the dog.
4. Gradually open dog lips higher to show dog teeth. Also you are to show dog teeth in the front.
5. Ask a companion to touch dog teeth and praise your dog for its patience.
Train a male dog to show testicles
Ask to examine dog testicles when a dog is standing in dog show upright position. Praise a dog after.
Small dogs make be examined standing on a table. Prepare a dog for this ahead. Also train a dog for dog show position at a smooth and high surface.
A show dog is to be still while being examined. Judges often examine dog teeth and testicles manually.

Attend a dog show without anxiety and enjoy the time to remember.

Author: Julia Bosenko, experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.