Dog Friendly Holidays

Dog Friendly Travels

Dog friendly holidays is the task you should think of ahead to make it really cheerful and pleasant.
Here it is coming, the time of holidays and travels. Of course you do not like to leave your pet alone at home. It is a family member, a dear cheerful creature, that will make your holiday brighter. Here we will talk about the means how and where to go to feel calm and prepared to all the surprises and rules while traveling to different countries. How to make your travel with a dog friendly - read here.
We will tell you about the most popular vacation places for dog friendly holidays in Europe and the USA.

First of all, the common rules for dogs coming in, that we meet almost in all the countries. Here we will tell in short about Import Requirements of EU (except of UK, Sweden and Norway), established by Commission Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

1. All pets are to be identified by a microchip. Any other form of ID is not acceptable. The microchip is according to ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO Standard 11785. Or the pet is sent with its own scanner attached to the top of the crate.
2. Full vaccinations registered in European dog passport: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Leptospirosis (DHLPP) and Rabies within the last 12 months or a minimum of 4 weeks before transportation abroad.
3. EU Vet Health Certificate (Form EC#: 998): a standard health certificate filled out by your accredited veterinarian.
4. International Health Certificate: ask your vet for it.
6. Pets must travel with all original documentation.

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Switzerland has beautiful nature, mountains and lakes, broad landscapes to bring a lot of unforgettable impressions for you and fun for your pet. The most important dog vaccination demanded in Switzerland is Rabies. Swiss forests are densely populated with the most frequent bearers of this disease - foxes. The rules of transportation allow to carry just 5 dogs in one car. If your dog feels sickness in a car, prepare needed medicines. Do not forget to wear an anti-flea dog collar and do its neck with anti-tick drops. Do not forget to have enough plastic bags for dog.
Note, that some dog breeds are considered dangerous in Switzerland: Pitbull-Terrier, Fila Brasileiro, Rottweiler, American Staffordshire-Terrier, Mastiff, Staffordshire Bullterrier, Matin, Espanol Bullterrier, Matin Napolitain, Dobermann, Tosa, Dogue Arg.
If your dog belongs to one of the mentioned breeds:
  • it cannot stay on the territory of Switzerland longer 30 days;
  • it is allowed to be in public places muzzled only;
  • it is not allowed to be off-leash;
  • it is to be vaccinated.

In general, Switzerland is a Paradise for dogs! There are special places, loans for dog walking with baskets full of free bags for you to clean after your dog. This country has a lot of space in mountains free for walking, running and fun with your pet! But some restaurants may deny to allow you inside. But there is not problem to have a dinner at a patio.
Mind the feet of your dog: if they are damaged, take shoes for your dog. There are a lot of rocky hills in mountains.

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Many Italian families own a pet and much have been done to make your holidays with a favorite pet friendly and easier. We may suggest, that the most convenient and pleasant region for your holidays with pets in Italy is South Tyrol. In this region dogs are welcome in many hotels in the mountains, restaurants and other public places. They will offer a bowl of water for your dog in most public places and restaurants without asking, if you enter it with your dog. Other regions where to spend holidays with dog Italy easily are: Abruzzo, Calabria, Sardinia, Tuscany, Veneto. To limit the phenomenon of stray animals, if you see one, there are the numbers to call: 334-1051030, the green number 800253608 or the 1515. Use these numbers , if you witness cruelties on animals, too. If you want to spend your holidays with pets in Italy, your pet must be micro-chipped, have his/her own veterinary passport with obligatory vaccination against rabies.

German nation is really "pet friendly", as there are bowls with pet food and water, even outside motorways restaurants! Pet holidays in Germany are going to be friendly. Of course Germany is well-known with its ancient castles. Dogs are accepted at some of them, like the ones located in Southern Bavaria and at museums, but just one dog per group is admitted. The "Englischer Garten" in Munich is a perfect place for walking with your dog, as this park has some areas, where your dog can walk or run off leash. You are not expected to have any problems with public transport during your holidays with dog in Germany; take for your pets "family ticket". Remember rule in Germany: you have to clean up with a small spade and plastic bags after you dog!

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French Holidays: Your pet documents for France are a microchip and his/her veterinary passport. Your pet must also be vaccinated against rabies; pets below three months of age aren't allowed to France and French overseas territories. The best variant for holidays with pet in France is to rent an apartment. You and your pets will enjoy a lot of freedom. You may enter with your pets in many restaurants, public offices, beaches and shops. Here are some of famous beaches friendly for dogs: Saints- Maries de la Mer, Saint- Raphael (free beaches) and Saint Tropez (at the boats berthing point).

It is more complicated to spend your holidays with dog England and the UK compare to other states of EU, because of bureaucratic procedures. Pets "preparation" for the holidays lasts six months. In this time span, your pets must be vaccinated against rabies, have obtained a veterinary passport and have a microchip. After a month, your pet blood sample is sent to a DEFRA laboratory, to certify that the anti-rabies vaccination is effective. Important: the UK has abolished the quarantine for pets, from January 1st, 2012, onwards! The veterinary has to certify the absence of the following parasites in your pets 24 or 48 hours before entering the UK: fleas, fox ticks and taenias. The pet owner must also certify that during the six months of "preparation" his/her pet has never been in a nation not listed in the "PETS" (Pets Travel Scheme). They are: all the EU nations, the Faroer Islands, the French overseas departments, Greenland, the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the Azores islands. Pets must travel to the UK thanks to the airline and navigation companies indicated in the PETS. Once you managed to prepare the correct documents to spend your holidays with your pets in England and/or the rest in the UK, you can choose the British countryside for you and your pets. You can rent a cottage in the romantic regions of Cornwall and in the Cotswolds. An example is the romantic and idyllic village of Cirencester. Here even Ms Elizabeth Hurley has lived for some time! A destination could be the town of Penzance. In London you can rent an apartment. Your dog must be on leash accompanied by you in parks and gardens.

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To spend your holidays with dog in Greece the veterinary passport is compulsory (with pets vaccinations specified, especially the one against rabies), but your pet photo is optional. It is good if the dog has already been tattooed. In public spaces (beaches, archaeological sites, parks, gardens etc.) your pet has always to be on leash. It's a good idea to bring your dog to the beach when it's not so crowded and hot in the morning and late afternoon. In archaeological sites, dogs often aren't allowed. If they are allowed, visit them early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
You can rent one of those white houses made famous by tourism brochures; it could be better to spend your holidays with dog Greece in spring or fall, when the climate is milder and animals won't suffer the heat that much. And in summer it is more crowded. Greece is the ideal vacations destination for archaeology and culture fans. In the plane, small dogs and small other pets can travel in the cabin with his/her owner, while big dogs have to travel in the bilge. On ferries, pets can travel with their owners. Sometimes there's a "kennel" on board, but many times cages are thought to be small. Sometimes dogs aren't accepted at the hotels. But you can rent a house.

Take your dog veterinary passport, microchip, vaccinations and spend your holidays with dog Holland, the Netherlands and the Caribbean island of Saint-Maarten. The restrictions touch upon such dog races as as Pitbull, Rottweiler, Neapolitan Mastiff, Argentine Dogo, Fila Brazileiro, American Staffordshire dogs, which have to wear a muzzle in public spaces. Other dog breeds can enter the Netherlands with no problems. But hotels, campsites and/or apartments in Holland don't generally accept dogs; if so, you most probably have to pay an extra. Your dogs is often offered a bowl of water without asking in restaurants and at beaches.� The famous destinations of your holidays in Holland are Amsterdam, famous thanks to its water channels and its museums, the Brabant region, where it's possible to see many windmills, the sea resort of Zandvoor, the Texel island, where dogs should be leashed. But the general attitude here is very tolerant; dogs are accepted on public transport and in parks, where they can run freely.

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Austria isn't generally problematic for dog owners. Many hotels and campsites in the mountains and around the cities accept pets (even big ones) without too many problems. Many hotel and campsite owners own pets as well and they are very well informed about rules for their well-being. Pets in Austria are excellent "ice breakers" with the locals. Other pet owners may stop you in the street or in a park to let your dogs socialize with each other.
Ideal destination in Austria for dogs are farms, where they have a lot of space and freedom to run. Dogs are allowed in national parks as well, like the "Hohen Tauern" national park, that is situated at the border with Italy. In Tyrol it's possible to spend unforgettable ski holidays in Kitzb�hel or Sankt Anton. These are two of the most glamorous ski resorts in Austria. At Christmas time, you can also visit the Innsbr�ck "Christkindlm�rkte". If you spend wellness holidays in Austria, you can book them in Carinthia, in the ski resort of Seefeld, in Bad Klerchenheim or in the Burgenland region.
Places for culture fans are Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthplace or Vienna. Your dogs in Vienna can also swim in the Danube river with no restrictions! Pets are well-received in the very elegant city of Vienna, where they can enjoy spaces in parks and gardens. The major Austrian cities offer cycle paths, where your dog can walk, but at the leash.

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Spain welcomes your dog if it has his/her veterinary passport and the anti-rabies vaccination. At a hotel you often need to pay an extra for your dog. And pets aren't often accepted. But you may rent an apartment. Catalu�a is the most "pet friendly" Spanish region, whose capital is Barcelona. Here animals are accepted in restaurants, parks and museums. Costa Brava beaches also accept small dogs, especially if the beaches are marked by the "blue flag" and are overseen. In the South you may spend your holidays with dog in the Almeria, Cadice and Huelva provinces. Madrid, the capital, is very famous thanks to its nightlife. Catalu�a is the most tolerant Spanish region towards pets. If you wish a milder climate in winter, you can book your holidays Spain at the Canary Islands. Other destinations for a "different" Spain are the Basque regions, on the Atlantic coast. Bilbao is one of their most important cities from the cultural point of view as well. Perfect places for culture fans are the Moorish cities of Ronda, Granada and S�ville. They are very charming, but it you want to spend your holidays with pets Spain here, it's better to inform yourself very carefully, as Southern Spain isn't as tolerant as Catalu�a towards animals.

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This year Italian beaches are friendly for dog holidays! The fist beach of this type is "Fido Lido", which is a re-equipped part of city beach in Muggia, not far from Triesta. The territory of "Fido Lido" is about 6 hectares. In addition to a usual equipment (places for changing dress, places for picnics, play grounds for children), there are showers for four-legged visitors and walking paths. Pets may swim at special areas which are specified with buoys. At the beach "Fido Lido" dog owners may visit a dog beauty salon, buy special food for dogs, and toys for they pampered pets. Moreover, this beach has an equipped veterinary clinic and special dog care service. Dog owners may also ask for professional trainer's advices and help.

One more Italian beach friendly for dogs is a "Baubeach" not far from Lignano Sabbiadoro. The territory of this beach is about 24 000 square meters. Dogs are allowed to this beach if it has a veterinary passport with vaccinations. The beach is open all day long. But there is a strict restriction for dog bathing. It is allowed only at special zones and dogs are obliged to be on a leash.

Want to go on a Vacation with your pet to America? Here we picked up the list of the most dog friendly cities in the USA.

1) San Francisco, CA

Visit the waterside take your dog on the cable cars with you. You will find there plenty of pet-friendly patio restaurants. Have fun with your four-legged friend at a lots of beaches. Don't forget to walk along the Golden Gate Bridge, one of America's celebrated man-made wonders, and enjoy the lovely view of the hilly, colorful city.

2) Austin, TX

Austin's has off-leash parks for you and your pet lovely walks and then you can walk along the water with your dog to see the Congress Street bats take flight at sunset. And complete a beautiful day at one of the dog-friendly outdoor cafes.

3) Boston, MA

Take your leashed dog onto the subway with you. This historic city by the bay will make you relax and watch the world go by. Visit the Freedom Trail, and see Boston Harbor, where one of America's most famous protests took place.

4) Northern Virginia, VA

Here is a fun Canine Cruise on the water for you and your dog. You will be pleasantly surprised with a great choice of dog-friendly restaurants in Alexandria. If your time span allows you, you can ramble over to nearby Washington, DC.

5) Portland, OR

Start you relaxing vacation with a drink, and the Lucky Labrador is the very place to serve it up. The Lucky Lab has three fresh brew locations that you and your pup can visit in Portland. And do not miss the chance to visit the well-known Rose Gardens and the Saturday Outdoor Market.

6) Charleston, SC

This is a historic and glorious town. Charleston proposes plenty of tours for you with your dog, like the Boone Hall and Magnolia Plantations. Or you can go on a ghost tour, and wind down after a night of fright with a day of fun at the beach.

7) Chicago, IL

This is a gorgeous city on the water. Take your dog on a Canine Cruise, or just hang out and enjoy your time at Navy Pier. And you'll have the possibility to enjoy plenty of culinary delights at Chicago's dog friendly patio restaurants.

8) San Diego, CA

A lot of places to visit with a dog: shopping at the Otay Ranch Town Center, hanging out at the dog park after, hiking or relaxing at the beaches.

9) New York, NY

New Yorkers seem to be friendly for dogs and allow a huge choice of dog-friendly luxury hotels, Central Park, lower Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

10) Ann Arbor, MI

Pamper yourself and your dog with dog-friendly canoeing, gardens, and farms, and don't forget to visit Nichols Arboretum, the 123-acre botanical collection at the University of Michigan! Have a nice trip to USA!

Stay with us and we will tell you about the most interesting places for Dog Friendly Holidays! To be continued...