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Interactive Dog Games Outdoors

The summer comes and it inspires us to get out and get active with our pets. Outdoor dog games can stimulate your dog mentally and physically. Here we will tell you about some great outdoor games to play in summer.

Dog nature is playful, cheerful and active. They seem to be never-tired. If you will not find a play or activity for your dog, it will find it itself and you will not always like his decision to play with your boots or mixing up garbage and throwing upside down baskets with flowers. If you do not want a dog to do destructive actions and things that get on your nerves, make it properly stimulated, both mentally and physically.

Animal behaviorist and veterinarian Mark Nunez, DVM of The Balanced Canine says: �If your dog is doing things that get on your nerves or exhibiting destructive behavior, like getting into the garbage, digging, fence chasing, excessive barking or whining, or not being able to sit still for very long, he needs more stimulation. A dog will be less misbehaved, if it is properly stimulated, both mentally and physically. Then it will be calm, relaxed and content in his environment.�

There is a question: why your dog could not be stimulated after the whole day of play with you? The key to a good dog game is a combination of physical and mental activity.

Dr. Nunez underlines, that mental stimulation is extremely important. Keeping your dog mentally active preserves brain function as they age. As with muscles and knowledge, if you don�t use it, you lose it.

We picked up outdoor dog games which will not only get your pet to move around � they�ll stimulate his his mind too!

Dog Game Outdoors #1: Buggy Whip Chase

Carolyn Coile, author of "Beyond Fetch: Fun, Interactive Activities for You and Your Dog" suggests to create your own buggy whip by tying one of your dog�s soft toys or a plastic shopping bag to the end of an 8-foot line and attach in to 8 foot pole.

Go outside to enjoy fresh air and open space and move the whip up and down, left and right to encourage your dog to chase after it. Your dog jumps and runs after the "prey" will make your dog out of breath in just a few minutes. If and when dog gets hold of the toy or bag, give him a treat or prize it.

Physically Stimulating:� 5 out of 5

Mentally Stimulating:� 2 out of 5

Dog Game Outdoors #2: Tracking

Here you can develop your dog natural skills. Encourage your dog to use his sense of smell. Start by finding an area of grass in your yard or the park that hasn�t been walked over in a while, then walk and drop a treat every 10 feet or so while your dog waits patiently at the starting line. Then after your command your pet can hit the path to find the treats. Once he gets the hang of it, move him farther away from the first treat until he�s out of sight and can find the sweet rewards using only his nose.

Note: You�ll have to put the treats in the same spot each time or find a new place so your dog's sense of smell isn�t confused.

Physically Stimulating: 2 out of 5

Mentally Stimulating: 5 out of 5

Dog Game Outdoors #3: Fetch and Duck Hunt

This is one of the most popular interactive dog games. This game may be played on two levels. If you have not played it yet with your dog, grab a ball or Frisbee and get its interest by showing it the toy. Throw the ball or Frisbee a couple of feet away and encourage your dog to fetch it. Gradually increase the distance the ball or Frisbee is thrown. To get your dog to return the toy to you, have some of its favorite treats on hand and call her to you. Show your dog the treat and say "drop." When it drops to toy to get the treat, say "good drop" and give your dog the treat immediately.
Make the fetch dog game even more exciting! Throw several items at once. Keep your dog by the collar or on a leash while you launch into the air three fake ducks, balls, or toys, so he can watch and remember where each falls. Then release him and send him out to retrieve all of the items. If your dog can�t remember all of the locations at first, help point them out until he gets the hang of it.

Physically Stimulating: 5 out of 5

Mentally Stimulating: 5 out of 5

Dog Game Outdoors #4: Agility Training

Upgrade your dog trick training to the next level by building an obstacle course in your backyard. Look around and see what items from household you may use to equip the training area for agility: big branches and tree trunks to create your own jumps or buy a readymade kit online (these might also include tunnels, A-frames, and weave polls).

Put your dog on a leash and put a jump on or low to the ground. Step over the jump with a dog, using a treat to stimulate him to step to the other side. When you admitted that he�s got the hang of it, gradually raise the jump and then take him off the leash.

Physically Stimulating: 4 out of 5 ������������������

Mentally Stimulating: 4 out of 5

Dog Game Outdoors #5: Swimming

This is a great exercise for dogs that were bred to swim and or have hip dysplasia or arthritis. Throw a buoyant ball or toy into the water pool or lake, whatever place you find appropriate for the game. Your dog will have a great drive to follow the item and bring it back to you.

Coile warns to be careful not to get your animal too exhausted in the water, and be sure to have a failsafe command in place that makes your dog return to you even if he can�t find or reach the toy.

Physically Stimulating: 5 out of 5

Mentally Stimulating: 2 out of 5

Dog Game Outdoors/ Indoors #6: Hide and Seek

Choose dog favorite toy and show it to dog. Then command a dog to sit or lay down and go to another room or place outside where it cannot see you and hide the item. Then call the dog and ask him: "Where is your (name of item)? Find it!" Encourage a dog to look for it. Start by hiding the item in a relatively easy place and make the hiding places harder as your dog begins to understand the game. When it finds the item, reward it with praise, more treats, or a quick game with the toy.

Physically Stimulating: 2 out of 5

Mentally Stimulating: 5 out of 5

Dog Game Outdoors/ Indoors #7: Tug of War

This game will help you dog to release his energy. Use a tug toy, it is very comfortable to use one with a handle or two handles. Pick up the toy and show it to your dog, encouraging it to grab the other end with its teeth. When your dog has a hold of the toy, pull the toy toward you and move it around. Your dog will likely pull back and perhaps even shake its head from side to side to try and make you let go. Make sure you let your dog win the game every now and then to keep it interesting, or it will get bored and not want to play. You may use one of our dog toys made of reliable and strong natural materials: jute, French linen, natural leather or fire hose.

Physically Stimulating: 3 out of 5

Mentally Stimulating: 2 out of 5