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Boxer Dog Breed Info

Boxer Dog History

Boxer dog breed ancestors are considered to be eastern molosses, used for guard from wild animals and as fighting and hounding dogs.

Recent Boxer dog breed appeared in 1890 by crossing of German Bullenbaiser (non-existing nowadays) and English Bulldog. Boxer dog breed was first represented at the dog show in Munich in 1896. The Boxer dog breed standard was established 10 years after. Boxer dog breed was used in German army in the times of the World War I.

Nowadays Boxer dog breed is very popular as a sport dog and a service dog. But nowadays it is also frequently owned as a companion and a family dog.

Boxer Dog Breed Temperament

Boxer is an active, lively, a kind of daring and self-confident dog. Boxer dog is intelligent, mentally stable, calm and alert, fearless and strong, enduring dog.

In spite of Boxer dog's frighting look, boxer is gentle and affectionate. It is a brave guard, who is gentle and caring of his home and family, but alert and distrustful to strangers.

Boxer character is friendly, but withal Boxer dogs are good guard dogs. Boxer dogs are devoted to their owners throughout all their life. Boxer dog behavior is a little childish till the old age. They enjoy playing, active way of life, joking, showing, and perfectly go along with children at any age.

Boxer Dog Training

Boxer dogs are easy trained. They are very clever and obedient. Boxer dog training should be started from the early puppy age. Boxer dogs are good at guarding, bodyguard, service, dog sports and as a companion dog.

Boxer dogs perfectly feel in apartments. Though they need regular walking and exercising. Boxer dogs have short hair and it does not need special care. They are neat and unpretentious.

Boxer Dog Appearance The Boxer dog is a medium size and short-haired dog. The coat is smooth, fawn, white, brindled or reverse brindled with or without white spots. Boxers have broad, short skulls and have a square snout, an underbite, very strong jaws and their powerful bite is ideal for hanging on to a large prey.

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