Dog Toys

Each dog treats toys in a different way. One pet tears a toy apart fast and loses interest in it. Another dog chews a new toy for a long time and enjoys it. Why does it happen?
rubber dog ball on rope

If you do not want a dog to tear a toy too quickly, it should be hard enough to serve longer. This feature is quite individual for each dog, as well as dogs have different teeth strength. But any dog will chew and play with a toy that will obviously finally tears apart. Dog just need the reward for the long "work" over it. It is the point - to tear it apart. That's why a toy should not be too hard as well. The other feature, that is important for dog, it toy's taste. A dog should like its taste to chew it with pleasure and keep interest in it.

rubber dog ball on rope

How to define toy's hardness? Look how fast your dog tears it. The next time buy a harder or a softer toy, depending on the result you see.

Toys are useful for dogs, if they massage dog's gums, clean teeth while chewed. It is a good prevention of bad breath and tartar. At the same time toy chewing helps to relax and heal stress and forms a good habit to chew toys, but not you things it sees around.

dog bone made of fabric

Choose toys that are made of healthy and safe materials. Our dog toys are made of gum of high quality. There are rubber balls on rope that will allow you to play interactive games with your pet. You may choose a hollow rubber ball, that is softer, or a solid one. We have balls of different diameters. Special rubber dog balls that does not sink in water - for outside games with your pet.

rubber dog ball on rope

Special toys with flavor will help to eliminate dog's bad breath. Their special form and shape massage dog's gums and clean teeth preventing tartar.