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German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

German Shepherd Harness UK | Reflexive Dog Harness + PatchesGerman Shepherd Dog (GSD) takes its origin from Germany. Nowadays German Shepherd Dog breed is fourth most popular one in the UK. Their strength, ability for fast training and obedience make them perfect service dogs in many fields and services. German Shepherd Dog Breed is often used in such kennel services, as assistance, search-and-rescue, acting, police and military type of kennel work.
German Shepherd dogs belong to large breeds.
German Shepherd Dog (GSD) breed standards:
Height (in the withers): 24-26 for male GSD and 22-24 for female GSD.
Weight: 66-88 lb for male dogs and 49-71 lb for female dogs.
German Shepherd muzzle is long and square. Jaws are very strong. German Shepherd nose is black. The eyes are brown, medium. German Shepherd has large ears, that are standing erect. German Shepherd dogs may come in various colors. The common fur color for German Shepherds are tan/black and red/black. Black German Shepherd dogs are rarer, but they also belong to the general German Shepherd dog breed standard, while other colors considered to be defective (white, liver, blue). German Shepherd dog fur coat has a double layer. The surface coat molts throughout all year. There is also a thick undercoat. There are two types of German Shepherd dogs nowadays: long haired German Shepherd and short haired German Shepherd type. Long haired German Shepherd variety is rarer, hence the gene, that defines the special look of long-haired German Shepherd is recessive. Long haired German Shepherds are accepted at the Kennel Clubs in Germany and the UK, but are not allowed to compete with short haired German Shepherds. And vice versa, can compete with standard short coated German Shepherd dogs though considered defective in the American Kennel Club. In 2010 long haired German Shepherd is accepted by FCI as the variety b (short haired German Shepherd - the variety a).
German Shepherd intelligence is well-known. They have the third rank in the list of the most intelligent breeds (after Border Collie and Poodle). Stanley Coren, in his book The Intelligence of Dogs described, that he has found their ability to obey the first simple task command 95% of the time. German Shepherd also learns simple commands after only five repetitions. German Shepherd intelligence in combination with strength, agility, obedience and energy are perfect service dogs for police, guard and search-and-rescue.
German Shepherd Temperament
German Shepherd TrainingGerman Shepherd dogs are very active and curious. These distinctive traits make them perfect guard and search dogs. If not socialized properly, German Shepherd dog may become over-protective of the territory and family. These are dogs, that need time and patience to get used to new people. They are not ready to start friendship with a strange or new person at once.
Aggression and Biting of German Shepherd Dog Breed
German Shepherd dogs generally have the reputation of safe and friendly dogs, if well-trained and socialized properly. However, they are considered by some sources in the US to have the tendency to attack smaller dog breeds more often than any other one, and in Australia as third most likely dog breed to attack a person. German Shepherd dogs are very smart, as it is mentioned before. They are easy controlled if socialized and traned by a responsible handler, German Shepherd is very loyal with his owner and family. They love interaction with the family members. German Shepherd and children are also very good to go along together. It is important to start socialization of German Shepherd puppies from their birth in the order to avoid the aggressive tendencies, behavior and socialization problems in the future.

The German Shepherd dog breed is one of the world's most popular dog. You will find it in the top list of the cleverest dogs, the most popular dogs, the best guards and working dogs.

Our dog shop represents various equipment for German Shepherd training and daily accessories for German Shepherd dog walking. German Shepherd owners can find here best dog harnesses for German Shepherds, German Shepherd muzzles (German Shepherd muzzles made of wire or German Shpherd muzzles made of leather, light everyday dog muzzle or a strong special model of an agitation German Shepherd muzzle for K9 dog training), German Shepherd lead or leash (nylon or leather), dog collars for German Shepherd (leather dog collars and nylon dog collars for German Shepherd), German Shepherd training gear and so on. German Shepherd muzzles are designed especially for a definite dog breed specific features, snout form, sizes and needs.

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German Shepherd Breeder Tips

German Shepherd Puppies UKIf you have made a decision to be a German Shepherd dog breeder, you should remember:

A good female dog is the initial base for successful dog breeding. In other words, the mother of a puppy should be from a successful pedigree family where they have many good litter with successful results. If you are getting a GSD puppy from a female dog's first littler, turn attention to her mother and grandmother.

The best littler are got from male dogs of the highest class who can keep and support the heritage of the female dog. Long list of champion dogs, winners of shows and special competitions is the expected result of a successful combination of this kind.

When you organize a German Shepherd dog breeding it is desirable to take 2-3 female dogs, not more, but they should be from one family. And in the future a GSD breeder should create their own lines. It is very important for a German Shepherd dog breeder to support quality and keep individuality of each line.

It is necessary to evaluate the heritage of the future pedigree correctly, be able to analyze pedigree of the reproducers, keeping to the principle: the more ancestors with high results and successes, the better it is for future litters.

It is important to remember, that the German Shepherd dog breed advances and improves from year to year. That's why the achievements of the latest years are important.

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