Dogs are Means for Insomnia

A Japanese experiment for evaluation of pet impact on sleep was held in two stages: the first began in 2007, and the second in 2009. It is comes naturally, that the experiment was help in Japan - here home pets are treated with special care and respect, often as valued family members. According to the experts' data, there are more 13 millions of dogs living with Japanese families, most of which regularly get new clothes, toys and are fed with special food.

Along with attraction to pets, Japanese often suffer from insomnia. And even powerful and high developed scientists of Japan yet could not invent a universal medicine for sleep problems. But the researches are holding. And supported by the MAPC company there was help a research aimed to get to know how cat or dog presence at home influences quality of their owners sleep.

At the first stage there were 69 cat and dog owners in the age from 20 to 25 y.o. taking place in the research and 158 people of the same age, but having no pet at home. The research was held according to a specially developed scale of sleep quality assessment.

At the second stage there were involved already 100 pet owners and 226 people without troubles and pleasures of cat and dog owning. At this stage they used Epworth scale of drowsiness.

The pet owners were divided into cat and dog owners from the very beginning. In he result of the held experiment the scientists came to the conclusion, that if people have a pet at home they have less problems with sleep than people without any cat or dog. Moreover, the experiment showed, that dog owners sleep better, than those, who prefer to have a cat at home. And dog owners, whose pets have own beds but not sleep at the same with the owner (as it often happens in Japan), see calmer and deeper dreams.