Canicross Dog Sport | Bikejoring With Your Dog

Canicross & Bikejoring: Equipment, Rules

    Our four-pawed friends bring not only joy but also contribute to our good physical condition. There are many varieties of joint sport with dogs - sit-skiing, skipulling, skijoring, canicross, bikejoring which are suitable for appropriate weather and season.

    In this article we will take a look at canicross dog sport and bikejoring with your dog which hold competitions of various levels, up to international, in which mainly sled dogs participate - Huskies, Malamutes etc. However, representatives of other dog breeds are not forbidden to participate in bikejoring and canicross. The main thing is that a dog should be strong enough, large and withstand such a huge load.

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    Canicross dog sport means running with a dog. A dog runs ahead of the owner and drives him along. In this case, a man and a dog are connected to each other with a bungee lead. Despite the apparent simplicity of this dog sport, it has its own subtleties. While running, a man should not pick up a bungee lead and direct a dog. A dog should not be distracted by extraneous irritants and keep a stable speed. A runner should not outrun a dog. It is permissible, as an exception, at a steep turn.  But a rope sagging is permissible, however, it means that a dog slowed down and stopped feeling the owner. Canicross dog running should be held only on a dirt road not on asphalt.

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    Canicross equipment includes canicross belt and harness, a bunjee lead.

    A canicross waist belt is needed for the owner to attach a bungee lead to it. This canicross running waist belt is fixed on the hips. It should be well sized and have a width at the back of at least 7 cm.
    A canicross dog harness should have wide straps to distribute the load on a dog's body evenly.
    A standard canicross bungee lead is 2.5 meters long and it is equipped with a shock absorber. A snap hook should be easily detachable.
    Before starting canicross dog training you should visit a veterinarian, paying special attention to dog's joints. The owner should also be in good shape.

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    Bikejoring is a riding sport in which a dog pulls a bicycle. Almost any large dog breed that loves running is suitable for this dog sport. It should be noted that bikejoring with your dog is a very dangerous activity. Any sudden dog's jerky movements can lead to a painful fall from a bicycle. Therefore, you need to do bikejoring with an obedient and disciplined dog, implicitly performing voice commands.

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    You should ride on the ground so a mountain bike with good brakes and spikes is best suited for bikejoring dog training. A bikejoring leash is attached to a handlebar or springer. It should have a length of at least 2.5-3 meters so that a dog does not fall under a wheel and it is easy to detach. With proper fastening, a dog runs in front but slightly to the right side of a bicycle while a handlebar remains free and a person can adjust the direction of movement. It is also obligatory to use a helmet and other protection.

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