Our dog shop represents rich choice of equipment for Briard training. One can find here suitable Briard harness (nylon harness or leather harness), Briard Muzzle (wire muzzle or leather muzzle), Briard Lead or Leash (nylon or leather), Briard collar (leather collars and nylon collars) and so on. If you do not find anything for your dog, than contact us and we will recommend and find an appropriate Briard staff.
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Best Sellers - Briard

Briard dog breed is an ancient sheep guard and herder, it has also been used by the Napoleon French Army as a sentry and messenger, and to search for wounded soldiers because of its fine sense of hearing. They were used in the First World War almost to the matter of extinction. It became very popular only after the Paris dog show of 1863. The Briard is named either for Aubry of Montdidier, a man who was supposed to have an early Briard, or for the French province of Brie, although the dog may does not originate in that place. The Briard still has a role of herder and flock guardian today, as well as a respected companion dog.

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