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You will probably also need dog bite sleeve covers, dog bite tugs and bite training clothes for dog training. Choose the best quality dog training equipment!

Dog bite sleeve is an important equipment for protection, training and work. At this page you will find training dog bite sleeve for dog trainers and sport. We present a wide range of choice of dog bite sleeves for trainers. Here you will find different models of dog bite sleeve for puppy, young and adult dog bite sleeves. These protective dog bite sleeves were tested by police and special subdivision specialists. We get positive feedbacks with the highest assessment about work with these dog bite sleeves. You will note at once the comfort and easy use of our dog training equipment.

Interesting about dog championships and shows:

World Union of Clubs - WUSV. Since the moment of this organization appearance there are the following championships held according to the international training program (IPO), that is created as popular sport and breed test on the base of German Standard "Shutzhund", that means "Guard Dog".

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