WUSV World Championship 2012

From the 3rd to the 8th October there was held the WUSV World Championship 2012 in Steyr (Austria). Here you will find more information about the event and the participants.

The World Championship of the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs was held in Austria. The event started with training for the participants on the 1st of October , the competition started on the 3rd October. The event was held at the SK - Vorwärts Steyr – Stadium , that was the same stadium of the 2002 WUSV edition. The available Track area consisted of long-range, slightly hilly terrain. It was lawn. It was offered to all participants approximately similar terrain. Each site was used only once. The selected track area was max. 25 km from the stadium. Participants traveled by car to the track collection point. There was entertainment and outlet opportunity. From there they were taken by pilot vehicles off-road. The obedience was held alternately with the protection work at the stadium. The stadium had a turf field.

All the dog sport teams of dog trainer and dog must demonstrate skills in three spheres: Tracking (Section A), Obedience (Section B) and Guard (Section C).

Also short about WUSV World Championship 2012
Date: 03.10.2012 - 08.10.2012
Place: Austria, Steyr
Kind of trainings: IPO-3
Category: World Championship
Sections: A, B, C
Supreme Judge: Wolfgang Tauber
Tracking Representative: Jurgen Ritzi
Team of Judges:
Pierre Wahlstroem (A) - Tracking
Lenk Walter (B) - Obedience
Josef Vonarburg (C) - Guard

About the participants:

Last year in Kiew the Finnish team was able to bring two people on the podium 1st place Teemu Parviainen and Maise's Bonifatius (98A, 95B ,98C) , 2nd place Hannu Liljegnen & Ratsumestarin Gonrad . The Belgian Julien Clement was third for the second time with Dusty van Tiekerhook (3rd in 2010 and 3rd in 2011) . The fourth place was for the German Walter Lenk and Hasko von Waldwinkel with 99pts in tracking 85 obedience and 97 protection.

It was really exciting how the thing were going this year!

This year in Steyr the first place was taken by German team Helmut Huber & Hank from Weinbergblick with the results 98A, 97B, 96C. The next two titles were placed by Slovak teams: Jaroslav Vnencak & Joke Eqidius from Slovak Republic with the 2nd result (98A, 95B, 97C), improved their success (they were 6th in WUSV-2011), and Jozef Lengvarský Geischa Eqidius were the3rd (99A, 90B, 96C). Robbie De Jong & Glenn from home Valkenplatz, Netherlands, took the 4th place with the result 94A, 93B, 97C.
The last year 1st champion Teemu Parviainen from Finland with Maise's Boniface was just 17th with score 96A 93B 90C.

The Great Britain was represented at the WUSV World Championship 2012 by British Association for German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain.

Great Britain Teams:
Travis Foster
Kai Vongalanberg
Bohnstedt Henriette
Casper Beck Berry
Eric Wight
Yanka Teufelsgrund
Carol Phillips
Flint House Bailey
Nye Thomas
Asko Vytensa
Bryan Van Daal
Drago Argonne

English team of Travis Foster and dog Kai Vongalanberg showed good results and took 7th place at the table of teams with scores 99A, 91B, 93C. And our dog trainer Henriette Bohnstedt with dog Casper Beck Berry got the 41 place in the table of rates with scores 100A, 82B, 88C. Thomas Nye with Asko Vytensa (19A, 87B, 87C) and Carol Phillips with Flint House Bailey (10A, 82B, 85C) got 118 and 119 place at the table of rating. Other Great Britain Team was Eric Wight with Yanka Teufelsgrund with 0 result.

Total list of teams participating reached 146!

The guests were communicating at the International Celebration of Folklore Evening. Only for invited guests there took place The International Evening 100 Years SVÖ - The Old Theater and Museum of Labor World.

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