Mondioring Dog Sport

Mondioring Dog Competition

What is Mondioring Dog Sport?

what is mondioring dog sportMondioring is a specific system of dog training that includes basic elements of other dog sports: obedience, protection and guard, agility exercises (jumps). In general, Mondioring dog sport is one of the most popular and successfully developing dog training types. But many dog trainers have a question whether Mondioring develops real dog protection skills or stays just a "dog show".

Mondioring History

As a system of dog training Mondioring originates from Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland. This combination is not occasional. The task of Mondioring was to join several national European systems of dog training (French Campagne, Dutsch KNVP, and German Schutzhund), to let dog trainers of various countries take part in common international competitions held under common rules. Soon the system became widely spread in Europe and then overseas in the USA and Canada.
What is Mondioring Training?
Mondioring World Championship 2018Distinctive features of Mondioring is a high level of intensity and complication, combination of various elements, and also distracting factors (bangs and noize at the dog, falling items, pouring water on a dog). Besides usual dog obedience exercises Mondioring requires a dog to perform several types of attack: with a grip and without, front, chasing, and interrupted (by a command of a trainer). Compicated complex of actions that are required from a dog makes it be always alert, interact with the handler closely, and this makes Mondioring a perfect way to show general rate of dog intelligence and physical abilities, shows its temperament, and skills.
Mondioring Rules: Too Much, Not Enough, or Just Right?
In spite of Mondioring being an interesting dog sport and a spectacular show, many dog owners take it sceptically. Some are disturbed that Mondioring encourages a dog to bite a helper (a person who takes a part of a perpetrator, attacks a dog, tries to take the guarded item). Won't that make a dog too aggressive? Others are not satisfied that a helper can't defend itself or attack in a real way as it happens in life: hurting a dog is prohibited on the ring, and it means that a dog will be never ready for a real attack in life and give up at the first hit.
FDT Mondioring Equipment at World ChampionshipIn fact both the notions are right. But Mondioring has a little "secret": the system of dog training does not suit all dog breeds, and dogs. A kind-hearted dog that is friendly to everyone (for example, Labrador) may really confused by Mondioring training, especially at a wrong approach. It will not become a guard dog, but become confused completely. At the same time some dogs that apt to aggression Mondioring training can make absolutely out of control. And it may happen also for the reason of mistakes in training. Though, service dogs, especially German Shepherd Dog and Belgian Malinois, show brilliant results in this dog sport.
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