Why Does A Dog Chew On Everything?

Why does a dog chew up things?

    Many dog owners have to deal with the fact that a dog chews furniture, walls, boots and other household items. And it is a huge problem. Most often this problem is faced by those who recently got a puppy. What to do in this situation? How to wean a dog to spoil things? And what is the reason for such behavior? Let's talk about it today.


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    As a rule, puppies begin to chew objects when their teeth change. And if you do not correct the behavior and do not analyze the causes on time, then it may happen that the puppy grows up, and a habit of chewing everything will remain.
The reasons why a dog chews on everything
    The reasons that the dog chews on things when left alone can be different.
    • When a puppy changes teeth the gums start to itch as the molars ask to go outside. So it begins to scratch them trying to chew something all the time.
    • The next reason why a dog chews on furniture is natural instinct. We all know that the ancestors of dogs were wolves. In the wild, predators having caught prey tear it into pieces.
    A dog is trying to do the same tearing your boots or a pillow violently. Apparently, somewhere deep inside a dog hears the distant call of its ancestors.

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    • Loneliness.
    Being alone for a long time, a dog simply does not know how to entertain. It has already overplayed all the toys, all dog chewing toys, it has already looked out of the window, has slept, and all the dogs outside were barked. What remains? It remains to move on to the unknown items, namely to the owner's boots, furniture and walls.
    • Lack of physical activity.
    There is an opinion that only excessively active breeds of four-legged ones, such as Jack Russell Terrier arrange a mess in apartments.
    But it is not at all the case. Dogs who lack physical activity can make a mess in apartments too.
    Not having time to spend the energy on a walk, a dog is looking for a way out of this remaining energy. It begins to run around the apartment sweeping away everything in its path.
    And no wonder. As a rule, dog owners walk very little with their pets. It usually takes a maximum of half an hour in the morning and in the evening. Yes, and they go for a walk only in order for the four-legged to do all its work, and not to run and play with a dog in addition.

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    • Stress and fear of loneliness (separation anxiety).
    Stress is the another reason for a dog's chewing on things.
    If we talk about Jack Russell Terrier, it is worth noting that these are very social dogs. They cannot stand loneliness and are very attached to their owner. And if they are forced to stay at home alone, they experience tremendous stress and fear of being alone, they can begin to chew on things.

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    • A habit.
     A dog chews things up, as it gets great pleasure from the process itself. And over time this habit turns into a persistent skill, which is very difficult to eradicate.
    • Lack of daily regimen.
    Yes, yes, it is the daily regimen. Many will say: What does the day regimen have to do with dogs? Yes, there is a very direct connection.
   Probably, you've noticed that all hyperactive people go to bed in the evening, even if you are still awake.
    The same applies to the daily regimen, which you must set for your pet. A dog must clearly know when the owner goes to work, when he returns, when he is taken out for a walk and training. And then waiting for the owner turns into a kind of dog's training.

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