Why are Dog Harnesses Better than Collars?

Why use a dog harness instead of a collar?

Author: Jane Miller

Date: 09/27/2013

Category: Dog accessories

You have probably thought over a problem why are dog harnesses better than collars. Many people still decide this problem according to their own taste. Still, there are a lot of facts that show us that a dog collar is considered to be a survival.

First of all, as you may easy see it yourself putting a dog collar on your neck or hand wrist and pulling on it, it hurts. A dog feels this pain at one of the most important parts of its body - at the neck. It may cause a dog panic. Some suppose, that a dog collar choke effect imitates the actions of a wolf-mother upbringing her puppies. But it is wrong. Dogs and wolves are very careful with their neck and any pain at this body area is perceived as a threat to their lives. They kill their prey by snatching its neck.

Everyone happened to see dogs suffocating and heavy breathing as the result of collar choking. Researches have proved, that dog neck muscles and bones loadings may cause headache, dizziness and back diseases. A dog have to suffer this pain because it cannot complain us about it. Thus, if there are problems with a dog's behavior, caused by this pain, it is a dog to be responsible for it in this case as well.

If you use a dog harness, all the loading is on a dog chest. Unloading of a spine is important for any dog, especially if it suffers from a joints diseases and if they have a long spinal cord (Dachshund, Basset Hound etc).

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