Dog Collars. Types and Intended Use.


Dog collars. Types of dog collars and their intended use 

Dog collar is the first accessory you are looking for your dog. It is an indispensable part of any dog equipment, for small doggie as well as for a large dog, for dog of any age and breed. There is a great variety of collars and they differ in style, material, width, design and purpose. We will describe the most needed for every dog owner. 

A training collar is used for guiding a dog when it is on-leash and to stop or control its moves while training. It tightens dog neck when it is pulling and a dog has to stop doing what you don't want him to do, for example chasing some moving object or animal.

dog training collar

A buckle collar is used for dog walking and in everyday life. It should be always with ID tags attached or with ID plate fastened to a collar. It is necessary for safety of your dog.

personalized dog collar

The buckle collar may be leather or nylon. Buckle colors are various in style, color and decoration. Nylon dog collars usually have plastic clasp.

training dog collar

Leather collars are equipped with metal buckle. If you have a dog that weights more 50 pounds and hasn't yet been trained, you's better use a leather collar with metal buckle, a plastic buckle may break when your dog is pulling trying to chase a moving object.

leather dog collar

A dog trainer have to use both collars - training and buckle collar. But use training collar only for dog training and wear a usual buckle collar for everyday walking of your dog.

Snap dog collars

The snap around collar is a choke dog collar. It is effective for dog training and control. It is taken on a dog through its head without unfastening the collar. This dog collar has a stationary dead ring and a loose or floating live ring. it tightens dog neck when it is pulling and trains it to be more obedient.

choke dog collar

This dog collar should be worn only under your direct supervision. Do not leave a dog unattended while wearing a choke collar. Also, don't attach any tags on this kind of dog collar. When you are not training your dog, take a snap collar off and use a buckle collar.

Pinch or prong collars

A pinch or prong collar is an effective training tool. it is safe for dog's fur and does not rub a neck of your dog. It is used for strong, active and rambunctious dogs. The advantages of prong collars, are that they are readily available at the market, very effective, can be fit to the exact size of a dog neck, very safe, because it constricts very little and not to the point where the dog�s air can be cut off. But it it twice as expensive as a snap or choke collar and looks like a medieval instrument of torture. We produce our metal dog collars from safe and hypoallergenic alloys.

prong collar

When you want to use a pinch collar, take it on a dog about two hours before training. A dog has to get used to it and not treat it only as an instrument for training. Take it off after some time when the training is finished, or a dog will perform the commands you train only when the collar is on.


Dog collar is a first item you need for your dog every day.

That's why we understand that you need a reliable, comfortable, made of safe materials collar. We care of your needs and create our handmade dog collars of the best quality natural leather and strong nylon. Here you will find small dog collars, large dog collar, dog leather collar of classic design, luxury soft nappa padded dog collar, designer dog collar with braids, with spikes, with studs, choke dog collar, wide dog collar, soft padded dog collar, personalized dog collar, dog collar with handle, pinch dog collars - dog collars for any taste, size, breed and needs!

Author: Julia Bosenko, experienced manager and customer support ForDogTrainers UK dealing with your needs & questions.