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English Bulldog Information

Modern English Bulldog dog breed has got its name from the 13th century, and originate from the word "bull". English Bulldogs have hunted bulls and knocked them down. English Bulldogs are extremely powerful dogs. If they need something, they will sweep aside anything and everything on their path. When the bull hunting has been prohibited in the 1835, the English Bulldog dog breed has almost disappeared. Fortunately, Bulldog fanciers have rescued the breed. The English Bulldog dog breed started to be bred more as a companion dog.

English Bulldog Harness UK BestsellerNowadays English Bulldog is a 100% creature of a human. Such affectionate nowadays, they have been prohibited to appear at the streets of Rome for their violence.

Modern Bulldogs are successfully converted into excellent bodyguard, guard dogs and companion dogs.

Aggressive dogs are inappropriate at homes. Thus, they have had to give up their stubborn character.

The English tried to re-train aggressive Bulldogs. As far as a classic gentleman had to own a well-bred dog, the breeders preferred clam, friendly to strangers and reliable Bulldogs. Unfortunately, their bravery and persistence have been lost in the process of re-training and selection.

Of course nowadays English Bulldog will defend his owner as well. But we will not see that fearless warrior that knocked out bulls any more. Whatever, the most important is that the English have brought a devoted and mentally stable four-legged friend to this world.

English Bulldog Appearance

English Bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed. Its height in withers is 35-40 cm. Weight of dogs is about 25 kg and female dog - 23 kg. English Bulldog has a cute face with wrinkles. But do not be confused. English Bulldog is a very severe dog. The jaw is placed forwards and opens dog teeth. The wrinkles helped dogs in fighting to stop blood from flowing into dog eyes.

English Bulldog is a dog with large head and small hips. That's why this dog is often not able to bear puppies without a veterinarian help.

English Bulldog is a dog with pressed in head and snout.

Because of breathing with open jaws, they consume many air and often let out wind gas.

English Bulldog Temperament

It is not the most tender dog, but he is still a good companion. English Bulldog is a national dog of England, that embodies bravery and strength of the country.

English Bulldog is a real home-sitter. He enjoys being around a sofa and may sleep the whole day long. It is not a dog that likes long walks. English Bulldog prefers to crawl along the house.

English Bulldog temperament is very stubborn. If he does not like to do something, it will take a lot of patience to make him do or stop doing something. But his funny behavior will make you smile a lot. It is a very friendly dog and he quickly becomes friends with the everyone around. English Bulldog and children are go along very well together.

English Bulldog loves chewing various things. In the order to prevent destruction of household things and personal items, provide many dog toys for your Bulldog to chew and hide your slippers away.

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It is difficult for English Bulldog to undergo heat. It is a perfect choice of a pet for apartment. They do not need regular exercising and physical training or walking for hours long. Most of English Bulldogs feel good walking 20 minutes twice a day. But it depends on a dog personality. Younger dogs need more physical training than elder ones.

English Bulldog is not the right choice for people who hate smells and slaver. But if you like him - it is a perfect family dog. They enjoy being around the family members.

English Bulldog is one of the most sickly dog breeds. The dogs tend to have many inborn or inherited illnesses. They may tend to have heart and locomotive diseases. The English Bulldog lifespan is about 8-10 years.

English Bulldog Training

English Bulldog HarnessUnlike other dog breeds who like freedom English Bulldog feel very comfortable at home and get used to a new place very quickly, as if they have lived here in the past life, slept on your carpet and ate from the plate before. But though they learn fast, they need training as any other dog breed. Otherwise you may realize one day that you have bred a pampered, stubborn and even dangerous dog.

The first rule for Bulldog owner is to be a friend to the dog. Never place this dog in a cage or on a chain. You will lose dog's trust and friendship at once. In the order to grow up a good companion it needs to be close to people all the time.

Nevertheless, you must show the dog at once who is the leader at home. In other way you will not notice when your dog becomes dominant over you. Bulldogs enjoy laying at a chair, a sofa, soft cushion or carpet. But do not allow a dog too much. Very quickly it will become a large, powerful dog with freighting jaws. He may even not notice to push you off the sofa. That's why it is better to show a dog its place at once. Bulldog training is more successful by promotions than by a punishment. That's why if a puppy chewed your favorite slippers, just sit behind and tell him in a calm but strict voice that he has done wrong.

English Bulldog is not an easy dog to train. He may be stubborn and self-willed. He may do whatever and however he wants and he has enough power for it. But it is not a dog that is not able to be trained at all. But as well it is not eager one to obey you. Bulldogs tend to follow their own rules. They are stubborn and very lazy. English Bulldog enjoys laying but sometimes it may run and play, but on his own rules. He seems to live in his own world. And you are here to pamper and feed him. Before English Bulldog training you have to learn his wishes and stimulus. If you have found out that it is a definite treat or praise, anything your dog likes, use it. If you wish to establish and keep to your rules, there will be not much of progress in English Bulldog training.

Thus, English Bulldog training is not difficult. You just need attention, patience and time.

English Bulldog Facts

English Bulldog has a flat face and may snore loudly while sleeping. It is one more reason to train a dog to sleep at its own place or even better at a detached room.

Because of the special body form English Bulldog has difficult breathing and weak heart. He is not able to work and exercise hard. It is not a companion for people who enjoy hiking or jogging.

Do not let a puppy of English Bulldog to be tired. Mental and physical overloading in puppy age lead to serious problems.

English Bulldogs tend to gain weight and become overweight. The reason is their slow metabolism. Take into account his weak joints. Overweight English Bulldog may get a serious injure.

One more English Bulldog problem is allergy. English Bulldog allergy may be caused by flowers, herbals and sun. At the first symptoms of dog allergy consult a veterinarian.

English Bulldog Care Tips
Dog BrushEnglish Bulldog molt starts at the age of 9 month approximately. The molt can be alleviated if a dog is brushed regularly. While brushing you clean dog fur and eliminate dead fur, dandruff, dust. If a dog is not brushed regularly, there appears a big possibility of dog skin diseases.
Dog brushing is also a kind of massage, that is useful for English Bulldog. It makes improves skin blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.
English Bulldog needs brushing 1-2 a week. For this procedure you will need a bristle brush. After brushing caress a dog with a fabric brush or mitten. This dog care procedure may substitute dog washing.
In the heat English Bulldog may be moistened with water (but without shampoo). Dog likes it especially after walking outside. Follow a dog to avoid drafts after moisture.
Dog BrushAvoid washing your English Bulldog when it is cold. Generally it is recommended to wash English Bulldog once in 1-2 months. Normal water temperature for Bulldog skin and fur is 34-36 C. Use special shampoo. Dry a dog with a towel carefully after washing. You may walk a dog out only when its fur is absolutely dry.
It is useful to wash a dog with clean snow in winter. In summer it is useful to substitute dog washing at home by swimming in a pond or river etc. But remmember, that front body part of English Bulldog is heavy and that's why they are bad swimmers.

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