How to Train a Dog to a Collar

Dog training step by step

Dog collar is the first accessory any dog is trained to wear. Trainer comes to the dog, says its name, strokes it, shows the necklace and gives to sniff it. Stroking the dog, he imperceptibly puts the collar on it and draws its attention to a game or a dainty. In 3 - 5 minutes the collar is taken off and the dog gets incentives: pet and dainty.

This repeats several times, the time the dog is staying in the collar prolongs gradually. In the process the trainer watches closely that the collar is not tightened or under tightened (under the correctly putting on collar on the grown-up dog two fingers have to pass freely).

Then the dog is trained to move freely on the leash. For that put the collar on the dog and stroking the animal, the trainer fastens imperceptibly a short leash to the collar and goes for a walk with it. Usually walking and games have an influence on the dog that it reacts weakly or even doesn't react to the leash that is fastened to the collar. It is only necessary don't jerk the leash and don't restrict dog movements dramatically. If the dog shows fear signs of the collar or leash, the trainer ought to draw its attention. Shortly enough putting on of the collar with the leash ceases to disturb the dog, because they will be a signal to the forthcoming walking.

Gradually the trainer restricts freedom of dog movement, making the leash little by little shorter. After that the dog can be trained on the longer leash too. The trainer moves farther away the dog, watching closely that the leash doesn't catch on some objects and cause jerks.

The dog is reputed to be trained to collar and leash, if the animal takes easy their putting on, doesn't try to free itself from them, moves quietly on the leash by the left trainer leg.

During the training the dog to the collar and leash it is possible follow main trainer mistakes:

1. Incorrect collar tightening ( too tightened or under tightened);

2. Rude by the putting on of the collar on the dog;

3. Abrupt jerks with the leash;

4. Use of compulsion;

5. Permission the dog plays with the collar and the leash.

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