English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel is the largest representative of Spaniel dog breeds. It is a hunting dog dog with perfect working abilities. We propose quality dog accessories and training equipment to walk your dog with comfort and and train him efficiently. Read more dog breed info below.
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Springer Spaniel is an intelligent service dog, able to smell drugs, illegal immigrants and other contraband.

English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed History

English Springer Spaniel is a very ancient hunting dog breed. Initially is has been used for siccup hunting and later for hunting with a gun. Springer Spaniel dogs can find fowl quickly. They frighten the fowl away and hunters may try their luck and skills. Here the work of Spaniel is not finished. They find and bring the caught up fowl to the hunter.
Springer Spaniels takes their origin from Norfolk Spaniels. In the beginning of the XIX century they were not defined as Cocker or Springer until the American Spaniel Club set a standard of dividing Spaniels into various breeds by their characteristics. Since then the dogs of less 13 kg supposed to be Cocker and more - Springer Spaniels. Finally the breed standard was established in 1902 in Great Britain.

English Springer Spaniel Temperament

Nowadays Springer Spaniel dogs are very sociable. They are open with people, patient and friendly with children. They allow to tug and pinch them. Spaniel has a calm, balanced temperament but at the same time he is an attentive guard.
Cheerful character, unique hunting skills make Spaniel a popular hunting dog.

English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Appearance

English Springer SpanielBig height, light built make the main features of Springer Spaniel body. The main features of Springer Spaniel are sociability, cheerfulness, obedience, balanced temperament, easy trainability, agility.
22" in height;
15 lbs weight;
double or triple-color pattern, usually white with black or brown;
square shape of forehead;
occipital protuberance;
black nose;
vivid eyes;
low-set large ears;
sciccors-type bite;
muscular neck of medium length;
strong body;
short legs, soft paws;
low-set tail;
silky coat, sleek and straight.

Peculiarities of Springer Spaniel Training and Physical Exercises

English Springer Spaniel TrainingThis dog is not for calm people who enjoy laying at the sofa. English Springer Spaniel is a hunter with a lot of energy that should be expresses and fulfilled. It will be a great companion for jogging but definitely not a dog for elderly people.
This pet requires attention from his family members and also is not a dog for too busy people. Springer Spaniel will not endure long loneliness, especially in puppy age. It is not recommended to leave them alone for a long time. Being bored they become quite nasty beings and will do a mess in your house. He definitely needs to live in a house out of city with a garden to satisfy his need to dig holes around. And his owner has to have quite a lot of patience to allow this.
Springer Spaniel needs long and active walks with physical loadings. Springer Spaniel loved water and will use any possibility to swim. If you wish it to calm down and leave you for a while let him swim in a water source.
English Springer Spaniel is easy trained. You may train him on your own or use help of a professional trainer. A dog may achieve great results, from basic commands to full dog training course. Dog Trainer and Dog Training Field Choice
First of all you will need a dog to obey basic commands. How to Start Dog Training
Keep in mind, that Springer Spaniel is a hunting dog. Choose open space for training sessions. Do not cry at him or punish. How To Motivate My Dog?
A dog needs praise for a performed task, but not sweets. There are many healthy treats to praise a dog. Dog Training Treats

Spaniel Dog Care Tips

Dog fur care does not require much time and sources. Brushing once a week and bathing by the stage of getting dirty is a full list of dog care procedures you need for Springer Spaniel dog fur care. Brush a dog with a comb (like this one: Dog Comb with Wooden Handle for Perfect Look of Dog Fur) and then massage his skin with a special Soft Grip Rubber Grooming Brush for healthy fur and skin of your dog. It improves blood flow in skin and makes fur healthy and shiny. The moult usually comes twice a year, in spring and autumn. In these periods in is better to brush a dog every day with a special brush. You will find it at our store in Kennel Accessories.
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