Hypoallergenic Dogs

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Hypoallergenic dogs are dogs that do not cause people's allergy, but theoretically such dog breeds do not exist at all. But nevertheless, we will try to describe and find out how to make a dog of any breed a hypoallergenic or less allergenic for people around.

Hypoallergenic dogs are dog breeds the communication with which provokes minimum risk of allergy of people.

Allergens are proteins that are contained in dog saliva and fur. It comes from these, that dogs that produce minimum saliva and do not molt (or molt is minimal), can provoke less allergenic reactions of a human. But some people suffer from allergy even caused by short fur dogs non-fur (bold) dog breeds.

English Bull Terrier

There are medical investigations, according to which even two dogs of a similar dog breed cause allergy in a different way. One dog may occur a hypoallergenic dog breed and another may not. You are not able to guess or find out ahead which one is more a hypoallergenic dog for a human.

Any dog excretes saliva in a more or less amount and spreads it around. We may make our dog less allergenic by regular hygienic procedures like dog washing, cleaning, and brushing. The majority of dogs if not bathed regularly, even non molting dog breeds, may provoke allergenic reactions of a human.

Dog size may also become a factor that distinguishes dogs as hypoallergenic dogs or allergenic dogs. It is obvious, that the less dog size is, the less fur and saliva it produces and a less allergenic dog it is.

French Bulldog

Frequently barking dogs are more allergenic dogs than calm ones. It is caused by saliva that is spread around while a dog is barking. Therefore, small dogs that are barking frequently cannot be supposed as hypoallergenic dogs and cannot be ideal for allergic human, though small dogs produce less saliva and have less fur. It is much better for allergic people to choose a dog of a medium dog breed with a calm temper. In this case there are more chances that this dog belongs to hypoallergenic dogs.

Labrador Retriever

Medical researches show us that dog washing once-twice a week allows to minimize and even eliminate allergic reactions it causes for people around.

Scientific tests show many times that a good cleaning at home liquidates allergens from the living space. That's why it is recommended to make regular wet cleaning and hoover dust from furniture and floor. Enjoy communication with your pets and stay healthy!