GSD Puppies for Sale: Show Dog or Companion?

Show GSD and German Shepherd Companion Dog

Before the choice of a GSD puppy, of course you need to get to know the German Shepherd breed standards. It is desirable to have an experienced and trusted dog breeder who knows the most perspective lines. Stable GSD breed features show that the breeder cares to save them and makes the selection properly. We need to turn attention to pedigree of the parents of a GSD puppy and their success at shows. Even if you are proposed to get a very good GSD puppy that shows good results, you should turn attention to its parents, as well as their negative heritage may appear in dog's behavior later and there will be no good show dog that may achieve the success.

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If you are not intended to raise a show dog and get prizes at shows, or breed the German Shepherd dogs in the future, the companion dog is good for you. You may purchase a puppy that will be just your companion, a puppy from parents with not high points at shows, for training abilities and for exterior. Its ancestors may not have high titles as well. These GSD puppies cost twice, 3 times cheaper that GSD litter of champion dogs.

But here you are to remember, that you will never raise up such puppy a successful show dog and take part in breeding of high quality show GSD dogs.� But in general, you will get great joy from your 'non-elite' puppy training and raising it up, at daily walking and watching it growing up. In general, this dog will be the same devoted friend and obedient dog in training, intelligent and a good defendant for your home as show German Shepherds.

German Shepherd is a sport dog first of all. If you are an active, sporty person, you will hardly find a better companion for a long jogging. GSD is the best dog also for hiking in mountains and forests. German Shepherd is able to follow you when you are riding a bike for a long time and it is a good possibility to train your dog in this way to get a healthy, well-trained dog. The one important thing you are to remember, do not train your dog hard in hot weather conditions. Then a light jogging is enough. It is better to start to train your dog jogging behind a bike after it is at least a year old. Follow the principle of gradual loading in training and improving of dog skills and abilities. And the most important rule is the absolute health of your dog. First of all it touches upon cardiovascular system.

If you choose agility, for example, here German Shepherd is a serious competitor to many dog breeds. In this case it is recommended to get puppies from parents with training certificates (SchH, IPO, FH) and the higher the stage, the better it is.

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