Basic Dog Training Commands

Basic Dog Training

Basic dog training is teaching a dog for definite subjects, exercises, and skills. In general, this process is easy, but requires time and patinece of a handler. The most common question of puppy owners is when to start dog socialization and basic dog training.
Before we answer it we'd like to define the difference of these notions.
Dog socialization is the process of training a dog to treat calmly other dogs, people, pets, and animals around, to behave adequately at home and out, understanding of what is a car and that it is not to be chased, etc.
As for the dog training notion it is a system of commands that a dog is to be trained to. In the order for the dog to perform definite tasks it has to know definite commands that are defined by the basic dog training. Concluding from these the first thing to do is to let your dog understand who is the leader at home to make it obey.
Thus, the dog is to be educated at once it appears at your home. And basic dog training is to be started when a dog is 2 months old. It is considered that a puppy is trained the best way in the age from 2 till 3 months. But it does not mean that you have to finish dog training to all commands and subjects within one month! A dog is to be trained throughout whole its life.
For training exercises it is enough several minutes daily. Start from 5-10 minutes several times a day. Your voice and tone should motivate your dog to listen to you. It is a key for dog interest in training and success.
As a rule, basic dog training at home starts from the commands "come", "place", and "no". These are the basic dog training commands for a puppy to master.