How To Stop A Dog From Chewing?

Ways to stop your dog being bored

    Here are some basic rules that will help you to stop a dog chewing everything.
    • Load your pet with physical activity.
    Do not just go outside with a dog to go to a toilet, but arrange active games after a four-legged has done its work. Give plenty of running around and playing up to your four-legged friend so that it will be well tired.
    A tired dog will no longer have the strength to chew on things in an apartment. Most of the time a dog will sleep and gain strength.
    Many will say: I have no time to walk for so long, a lot of work, I have to go to work. I will answer one thing to this: if you have no time, then why did you get a dog? Before you get a dog you should think carefully whether you can spend enough time with your pet so that it does not feel unhappy and abandoned. When you get a dog you must be prepared for the fact that you will have to change your way of life drastically.

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    • Walk longer and more often with your dog.
    An adult pet should walk 2-3 times a day. A puppy should walk from 5 to 10 times.
    • Feed your dog well after a walk.
    A dog always feels more relaxed, more confident and less worried on a full stomach.
    • Leaving for a work, do not forget to leave dog chewing toys for your four-legged.
    But do not give your pet all the dog toys for chewing at once. Every day leave your doggy a couple of new dog toys (those with which it has not played for a long time) and hide the old ones with which he has just played. And so alternate.
    A dog is bored with the same toys and if you alternate them a dog simply will have time to miss dog chew toys that he has not seen for a long time and will play with them with great interest.

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    • If a dog chews on furniture then make your dog involved when you go to work.
    Leave your dog some delicacy. It can be cartilage, beef trachea. Leave a whole piece so that a dog wont't be able to deal with it immediately.
    The owner's care should  be associated with good emotions for a four-legged and not with stress.
    On top of that, cartilage is very useful for a growing body of a puppy and for adult dogs. In addition, it is a good prevention of dental plaque. But remember,  do not give it too often. It is enough every other day. Otherwise there may be problems with digestion.
    But I don’t strongly recommend leaving bones for your doggy. And not only in your absence but never at all.
    • Do not let old sneakers or shoes that you are going to throw out to four-legged mercy.
    A dog cannot distinguish between shoes that can be chewed and which cannot be.
    If you laugh merrily when a puppy chews on old slippers, so when you are not at home a dog will just as merrily and naturally cope with new, expensive boots.
    A dog thinks like this: What’s wrong with that? After all, the owner was happy when I tore the prey (sneakers), how clever and courageous I am. So he will also be happy if I deal with a more formidable opponent (boots).

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    • Praise your pet when it plays with dog toys.
    If a dog is still small, leave a radio or TV on.
    So you create the effect of presence. But carefully check that all wires are out of the reach of your pooch.
    • Follow the daily regimen.
    It will be easier for a dog to wait for a long and active walk with the owner than just to wait.
    • Follow the rules of keeping dogs in apartments.
    Do not leave small things within a dog's reach that may interest it.
    • If a dog chews on furniture then a full course of obedience will help to correct the behavior of a four-legged.

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    • If your furry friend is still quite small and you do not have time to be constantly with it then a puppy should have a fenced corner where it will have access to certain objects only .
    It can also be a large cage in which you need to organize a place for a puppy in such a way that it does not remain in complete isolation but can see and observe easily what is happening around.
    There must be everything that is most necessary in a cage or a fenced-off space: ??a bed, a diaper so that a dog can go to a toilet, dog chew toys and a bowl of water necessarily.
    If you go somewhere you can close a cage while you are away.
    And if you are at home let a cage door be always open. A puppy is under your supervision and must move freely in space.

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    • If a dog chews up furniture and you do not have the opportunity to organize a corner or buy a cage then those parts of the furniture that the four-legged “have chosen” can be treated with special drug that is sold at a pet store.
    You may make it easier. Buy fresh red hot chili peppers, cut it into two parts and smear those pieces of furniture that a dog likes.
    At first, a dog habitually will approach and begin to chew on the corners but pepper will do its job. A dog may begin to lick, sneeze and immediately will run off. Yes, of course, it will try to approach and chew those corners of furniture which it will have  already begun to bite. But it will no longer rush to chew on them, but will carefully approach, sniff, begin to sneeze and immediately will run off again.

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    What to do when you catch your dog chewing things?
    If a dog chews on furniture and you catch it at the exact moment when it chews not a toy but furniture then a dog should be scolded at this moment not later.
    Strictly say: "Stop it!" And pat a pet by the scruff imitating the behavior of a dog's mom. This is how it lets a naughty pet know that it has done something wrong.
    As soon as a puppy stops chewing, praise it and distract it with a dog chew toy.
    It is necessary to punish a dog at the very moment when you find it at the scene of a "crime".
    If you returned home from work and a sofa is already chewed then you need to understand and forgive the four-legged in this case!
    In any case it is impossible to scold and punish it. Otherwise, a dog will connect the punishment not with a chewed thing but with the owner's returning home.

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    As a result, a dog will only be afraid of the owner. And the task of every four-legged owner is to make your pet not afraid but trust you and see not a threat but the leader of a pack in you who can protect and caress it at any moment.
    To summarize, it is worth saying that if a dog chews on furniture then only the owner of the four-legged must determine the reason for this behavior and take the necessary measures.
    From the very beginning you must show a puppy what is good and what is bad.
    Think in advance if you can give enough time and attention to your pooch so that he does not feel lonely and abandoned.
    If you are in doubt, think a hundred times whether you should take a dog at all.

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