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English Bull Terrier Information

english bull terrier

You will never confuse English Bull Terrier to another dog breed. And it is not only because its well-known outer look and special form. Of course, English Bull Terrier has a special athletic body form, harmonious built and egg-form head. But also its outstanding qualities of unlimited devotion, cheerful character and friendly socializing pay a great role.

Many people consider English Bull Terriers to be aggressive, unintelligent and difficult to train. But it is a wrong stereotype. For many years English Bull Terrier breeders have been trying to balance the character of these dogs. Aggressive and too frightful representatives have been excluded from the gene pool. English Bull Terriers are clever and intelligent, they love socializing, home coziness and are unpretentious to conveniences. That's why they are excellent companion dogs for many dog owners throughout the world.

English Bull Terrier History

English Bull Terrier is a representative of classic British Terriers group.

In the end of XIX century the dog breeder James Hinks from Birmingham started a years-long experiment of selection by crossing the English Bulldog, the White Terrier and the Dalmatian dog breeds. The selected English Bull Terrier achieved the best qualities of the breeds crossed: intelligence, activity, lively temperament and well-balanced muscular body.

The aim of English Bull Terrier breeders was to achieve a real champion of dog fights, a strong and extremely fearless dog. The first White Bullterriers had the very characteristics mentioned above. But except of them, they were quite intelligent and clever dogs, that made them useful for a broader specialization. Within some time they became to be used not only for bull and dog fights, but also as hound dogs and for rat elimination in seaports.

After the ban of dog fights at the middle of the XX century, the English Bull Terrier dog breed became especially popular with intelligent elite and artistic Bohemia. English Bull Terriers were especially popular with Oxford tutors and students.

Nowadays English Bull Terrier dog breed is popular regardless people activity and profession. The new dog breed standards appeared, that included striped and dotted fur pattern.

English Bull Terrier Intelligence

English Bull Terrier

Bullterriers are clever enough, in spite of the rumors about their silliness as former fighting dogs. Hundreds of English Bull Terrier dogs are taking part regularly in dog obedience shows testimony in their favor. Obedience training needs intelligence and perfect memory.

In the order for English Bull Terrier to express its intellectual potential, it need to be treated as the best friend, with attention and devotion. Most part of information they get while socializing with their owner. Their inborn capacity to discipline and obedience make dogs focus and perceive the most important information. It makes their training easier.

English Bull Terrier puppies are very curious and are happy to discover something new while walking and training daily or just being around the home. They try to get to know what is placed at each of drawers. This way he gets to know your needs and habits. May be some day he will predict your actions and bring you the required item or instrument.

English Bull Terrier Temperament

English Bull Terrier may change its mood quite quickly. It may be tender and affectionate, active and cheerful, and in a minute turn into a stubborn and lazy pooch. Their mood is diverse because their bright temperament. But if bred correctly, English Bull Terrier temperament is lively, active and obedient. Time to time they may be very stubborn, especially if their owner pays them too little attention.

Spend as much as possible time with your English Bull Terrier. He hates loneliness. Show him signs of attention and walk with him regularly.

English Bull Terrier Socialization

Bull terrier collar

Socialization is the key aspect in forming of the balanced English Bull Terrier temperament.

English Bull Terrier puppies are known for their fear to go out of home. If you will not socialize a dog from the puppy age, it may become aggressive, fearful, and dangerous for the surroundings.

The best way for English Bull Terrier socialization is a constant contact with people, and first of all, with owners and with other dogs. Adult dogs will teach a young puppy the correct behavior and respect.

Bull Terriers are usually jealous to other pets at home. They may go along well only if they are raised together.

Generally, if you have chosen English Bull Terrier as a pet, you should better exclude any other pets (except fish). But if you are taking an English Bull Terrier puppy, he will socialize well with other pets at home.

English Bull Terrier Training

English Bull Terrier training will be successful provided they receive enough emotional contact with the trainer (owner). He feels very well the intonation of your voice and is able to understand your emotions and commands. But you should not use high voice and bright dominance. But still, you should not be too soft and kind as a trainer. English Bull Terrier is quite a stubborn dog and will not obey this kind of training. This dog needs love and attention of his owner, completed with the correct discipline. Never lose temper and show aggression to your dog while training. If you are shouting at English Bull Terrier, you will get a stubborn monster instead of a loving pet. You should be patient, calm and balanced.

If you have decided to get such a stubborn and challenging dog breed as English Bull Terrier, be ready to spend enough time and energy for its walking and training.

English Bull Terrier is incredibly endurable. If a dog has no possibility to express its activity and energy, it may turn into aggression or depression, that will affect its obedience.

English Bull Terrier is a very demanding dog breed and it requires a lot of time, walking and training. Optimal daily walking time is 2-3 times a day during an hour. Morning walking should be the most energetic. It may be jogging together, biking or frisbee.

Perfect sport for Bull Terrier activity on weekends is weight pulling. If you have no experience in dog sport, consult a professional dog trainer.

English Bull Terrier Care

dog brush for short haired dogsEnglish Bull Terriers do not need special care. They need minimal grooming. As any short haired dog, they may leave fur around. But this problem is easy to resolve. Just use a rubber dog brush once-twice a week to massage and brush your pet. It positively affects dog skin and fur. Your dog will like the procedure, as he enjoys any attention and care. Ears should be cleaned by wet wipe once a fortnight. Eyes are wiped once a week. If you admit too much dark extractions from eyes and ears, immediately consult a veterinarian.

dog claw clipperDog claws should be cut with a dog nail clipper once a fortnight. Try to do it carefully to avoid soft tissue. Each claw is cut at 2-3 mm.

English Bull Terrier needs washing 1-2 a half year.

English Bull Terrier in Your House

English Bull Terrier is very curious and it likes to sleep each time at the new place. But it is better to train a dog to its own place. Taking into account friendly and curious dog nature of English Bull Terrier, its bed should be placed the way to give the dog a possibility to view all the rooms and the corridor of your house. Avoid synthetic dog bed, as Bull Terrier skin is very sensitive. The dog bed space should be open (exclude any beds with roofs and boxes) and large enough to allow a dog stretch along in any pose. Avoid placing dog bed on droughts, as English Bull Terrier is very disposed to catch a cold.

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