Dog Socialization Is Important

Essentials Of Dog Behavior: Dog Socialization

dog socialization

Puppy and older dog socialization is a very important theme for training of a dog with normal behavior, secure for the surroundings and handlers.

Perfect variant of a dog behavior is adequate. An ideal dog behavior is when a dog does not bark seeing passers-by, does not bite at the vet, does not tremble with fear hearing loud sounds. Normally a dog should be absolutely calm and self-assured anywhere, in the woods, at crowded city pavement or dog show.

Ideally a dog does not growl at any children, indifferent to strangers at the strange territory and not aggressively alert at his own one.

Normally a socialized dog is obedient to his handler and respects each family member. It goes without saying that normally a dog never growls beside his bowl while defending it.

In the order to make your dog socialized and get a dog with normal dog behavior it should be socialized in time.

dog socialization

What is dog socialization?

Dog socialization is a dog ability to define and remember possible social partners and cooperate with them in a proper way. Lack or absence of dog socialization develops dog alertness towards people and animals and may lead to difficulties in dog behavior and control over the dog.

A dog develops mentally in the puppy age under the influence of outer space and circumstances. A dog needs constant mental stimulation with various smells, sounds, tastes and visual irritants, changes of surroundings and places. Lack of irritants of each sensual sphere leads to disorders in the development of dog mental system and dog behavior problems.

Syndrome of house and apartment dogs and their socialization

It is modern nowadays to get pure breed dogs to houses where they are able to run about the territory and communicate with the family. These dogs behave normally at their own territory around the house. But they feel fear and unassured out the territory.

For the socialization of an apartment/cottage dog it should be regularly taken to journeys, walking in public places, dog shows (even as a spectacular) to meet other dogs, people, change the surrounding and learn to perceive strangers and other dogs, places normally.

You may take a favorite dog toy to a strange place to make a dog feel better. Or invite a friend with a dog to make your pet get used to other dogs and treat them friendly.

Be calm and assured being with a dog in a strange place. Show your dog that everything is all right and there is nothing to be afraid of. A puppy will understand it with time. Correct dog behavior should be praised with a treat.

Apartment dog socialization

dog socializationApartment dogs are socializes as well, indifferently of the breed of your dog. Though small dog breeds need more dog socialization. Sometimes dog owners of small dog breeds train their dogs to cat toilet and let themselves walk a dog more rarely, waiting for a better weather outside. This way a dog becomes "wild", and gets serious dog behavior problems, metal disorders.

Such dogs tend to get in car accidents more frequently. They may get lost, bitten by other dogs, or bite and bark at other dogs and people. Hysteric dog barking without reason is a usual mark of the syndrome of an apartment dog.

In the order to avoid such problems a dog should be socialized from the puppy age.

While a dog is at the vaccination stage it may be taken for a walk outside in hands and run at places free of dogs. This way a puppy will get used to city sounds.

A young dog should perceive maximum of sounds around: drive it in a car, bus, train, regularly walk it along crowded streets, walk along a railway station. It is obligatory to visit a veterinarian and a groomer. Change your walking routes frequently.

Calm down your dog with a friendly voice, petting and a treat when it feels anxiety. Note dog aggression and stop each sign of it, but with a calm voice.

Normally a dog should be indifferent to joggers, bikers and running children.

It is obligatory to visit dog shows and playgrounds.

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