Dog Care Tips for Spring

Dog Care in Spring



Spring brings new tasks for dog care. Together with sunshine, warmth and awaking of nature we get new troubles and should remember simple rules to keep our dogs healthy and comfy in new weather conditions. These rules are pointed at prevention of infections such as fleas, worms, bugs etc.





Special curved slicker brush with an unbreakable handle, UKThe change of year season provokes dog shedding. It becomes a problem for owners of dogs with thick undercoat. In the order to remove the undercover a dog should be brushed daily. We recommend to use a brush that is efficient to remove dead fur. Regular brushing and removing of dead fur while dog shedding period prevents dog overheating. Your dog will not feel discomfort while the air temperature outside grows. Finally, your dog will look nice with clean, shiny fur without flocks of dead fur. Healthy Dog Treats for Interactive, Stimulated Dog Feeding Games
If dog diet have been changed for the winter period (usually it contains more calories in winter) it should contain less calories in spring. In spring your dog needs less energy to keep its temperature stable than in winter. We may add more vitamins and minerals to the basic dog ratio. They will help to strengthen dog immunity after winter.

Dog care in spring lays in dog health care. Take care of dog vaccination. Take a dog to a veterinarian for a preventative examination. Regular injections will reduce the possibility of infection with bacterial and virus illnesses. Dog deworming is also required.

Warm spring days provoke activity of parasites. They may become the reason of serious illnesses of a dog. They also cause irritation and unpleasant dog emotions. It may change not only nice appearance of your dog but also cause dog behavior problems. That's why it is reasonable to get cure for dog fleas and other parasites in advance. There are means for protection of your dog from these troubles. Use them for safe dog walking in spring.

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Some dogs tend to have allergy for substances, that appear in the air while snow melting. The concentration of many substances grows in this period. That's why if your dog tends to allergy, take a course of cure in advance to prevent it.

If your dog wears dog clothes in cold, do not hurry up to take it off. Let a dog get used to new weather conditions gradually. By the way, in the period of snow melt, when there are many puddles around, dog wear will keep your pet from dirt and keep its fur tidy.