How To Stop A Puppy From Jumping On You?

Ways to stop a dog from jumping on you

    It is worth noting that it is not difficult to stop a dog from jumping on you and people. Be sure, you will achieve the desired result in a few exercises after reading this article.
    It doesn't matter if you have a puppy or an adult dog, it is easy to stop both from jumping on people. The only problem you may encounter is dog’s perseverance in its actions, but it is solved by the owner’s perseverance in his/her actions.
    We will not rant about the reasons for such dog's behavior, as most likely you just want to get rid of the constant need to wash your clothes every time you come home from work, and your dog inspired by your arrival is trying to reach out to your face leaving traces on your clothes.

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    How to stop a puppy from jumping up?
    To stop a puppy from jumping up you can use several ways, each of which is equally effective. So, if you have a very young puppy (about 3 months), then it is better not to use strict physical punishment.
    Way ?1. The way consists in simply ignoring a dog every time it jumps on you. However, it does not mean that you should just stand and wait until a dog jumps enough. You have to turn away from a dog if it jumps on you.
    Example. You come home from work, and your little dog is so happy that it pays no attention to clean clothes. As soon as it gets ready to jump, turn your back to it. If a puppy is trying to get around you so that it can see your face and tries to jump again, turn away from it again. Turn away every time it tries to jump on you. As soon as it calms down, lean towards and greet your puppy as you probably always do.
    In general, the way to stop a puppy from jumping on you consists in complete disregard of your puppy with undesirable behavior that is trying to jump on you. Of course, you just need to turn away from it, otherwise you will not achieve the result. It's amazing how effective this method is. After a few times you will be able to stop a puppy from jumping on guests and passers-by.

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    There is another way that should not be applied to small puppies.
    Way ?2. When your doggy starts jumping up while meeting you, say the command "Stop it!" and give it a light kick to the chest area at the moment when it is jumping on you. If it continues to jump, repeat the command "Stop it!" in a threatening voice and give it a push to the chest again, but now a little stronger.
    If your puppy is a representative of small breeds, reaches you only for its entire height, turned at least three months and the complete disregard does not help, then try the way ?2, but instead of pushing with your knee say "Stop it!" and push a dog away. If a dog continues the attempt to jump on you, then utter "Stop it!" in a stern voice and push a dog even more persistently.
    It is important to concentrate not on physical punishment so much, but on expressing your perseverance, steadfastness in the decision made, so that a puppy does not confuse your commands with a fun game.
    Everything depends on situation. It is often quite persistent to push with your knee in the chest or just push away with your hand. If a dog continues jumping, you should apply a light clap to the back instead of a push and say "Stop it!", but it is not for puppies, but for adult dogs.

    How to stop an adult dog from jumping on people?
    A dog jumps on people if at a puppy age the owner did not try to stop a doggy from doing that or it was taken from a shelter and so on. But it does not matter. An adult dog can be stopped jumping on people in the same old-fashioned ways.
    Way ?1. The same way as for puppies. As soon as a dog jumps on you turn your side or back to it. If a dog jumps again, turn away from it again. Ignore and turn away - that's all. Surprisingly, most dogs quickly realize that their jumps are useless.
    Way ?2. It is a similar method described above for puppies. While a dog is jumping on you, say "Stop it!" and push it with a knee into the chest area. If a dog jumps again, you have to repeat the command: "Stop it!" and then apply a more persistent push in the chest.
    While a dog is jumping on you, you can give a "Stop it!" command and slap it with your hand to the back area controlling the strength of the stimulus. It is quite simple to stop an adult dog from jumping on people in such a way, but the main thing here is not to overdo it with the force of a slap.

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    Way ?3. An adult dog can be stopped jumping on people with the help of a prong dog collar. But this method is useful if a dog has a leash and a dog collar already. Actually, this method is applicable to puppies but not with a prong collar.
    Example. You walk with a dog knowing how to teach your dog the voice command: "Heel!" and you meet your friend or a member of your family. A dog happily wags its tail and jumps on a person. Your actions: only at the moment of a jump, say the command "Stop it!" in a strict voice and pull a dog leash. Get obedience from your doggy. Control the strength: a prong collar in the hands of a man who finds it difficult to cope with his own emotions may harm a dog too much.
    If you are waiting for guests and want your dog to socialize to them, then put a collar and a leash on it so that if it wants to jump on your guest, pull a dog leash in time and stop a dog.
    Do not waste your time! Hurry up to stop a dog from jumping on people.

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