Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute

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Initially Husky was meant to be a sledge dog just (for fast moving light loads over long distances). Besides being very industrious, Siberian Husky is a dog by its origin as well, and mostly thanks to its cheerful and sociable nature, high intelligence and a bright appearance, people consider it to be a good companion and also use this dog in shows and exhibitions. As a hunting dog the Husky is used on rare occasions, because it almost does not bark as typical husky does, but there are some references in the internet spaces concerning "hunting husky" either.

Siberian Husky Dog Breed Information

Siberian Husky history is bounded strongly to snowy north surroundings. This fact made people being in need of a dog, that would be not only a companion, but also a reliable help. Siberian Husky has all these requirements. It is a wonder, that tribes of Chukchi domesticated these dogs with ancient wild north dogs and wolf blood mix before taming deer!

At the severe north climate circumstances Siberian Husky is a reliable help. A team of 20 Husky sledge dogs are able to cover a huge distance on snow and ice.

They are extremely endurable!

Husky dogs have been a real help and friends for a family. They function has been that of a hunting dog, sledge dog and even a heater for family members in cold nights. As soon as there appeared a new born baby, a Husky dog entered a house and laid around a baby to warm it up. When a child became elder, a Husky dog guarded them and they played together. Husky dogs heated each family member at night. Two dogs for a person guaranteed good warming up for the whole night long.

At the beginning of the XX century the Siberian Husky dog breed has almost gone. Soviet government has considered Husky dogs too small for large loadings and freight and thus useless. Siberian Husky has been not recognized as a dog breed and its breeding has been prohibited.

The re-birth of the Siberian Husky dog breed is a merit of the American. Thank to their interest Siberian Husky have been proceeded to be bred. Even the breed name appeared after the American manner to spell 'Eskimo'.

The bloom of the Siberian Husky dog breed takes place in the time of the Golden Rush, when these dogs have been used for long and challenging journeys to the gold mines. Soon after Husky dogs have become to take place at dog races on sled.

The Wild Beauty of Husky

These sporty dogs have harmonious, graceful body and light gait. They are like domesticated wolves, but more graceful and intelligent with their straight ears, proud bearing and gorgeous double-layer coat, that allows Husky dogs sleep on snow and protects them in cold as well as in heat.

Husky dog eyes may be blue, hazel, green, yellow and even of different color.

Each Husky dog has a unique color pattern-mask of a snout.

Siberian Husky Temperament

Siberian Husky requires regular activity and motion, physical loading and exercises. This dog breed is bred for hard work. If you are able to provide a dog with long walking and running, and sledding in winter, then Husky will become your devoted friend and companion.

In spite of its wolf-like appearance, Husky will not do for home guard. Husky is too friendly and kind. It is more likely to lick a thief over to death than to attack it.

Siberian Husky dogs are very quiet. You will seldom hear their barking. But these are very 'talkative' dogs. They make special soft sounds to show their happiness.

Siberian Husky dogs are very friendly and perfectly go along with people and other pets and animals. They are especially tender and careful with children. Siberian Husky will gladly play and let children embrace them like a soft toy. They will never do a harm to a child.

Siberian Husky Training

Though Siberian Husky loves each family member equally, it is important that it has one handler, and a dog will chose him itself. Husky is a dog with a temper. Not any person is able to cope it. Siberian Husky training is to be started from a puppy age.

Husky may be kept in apartment, but if it is walked at least an hour a day. And it needs active walking and running at free space, in the woods or field, but not in the city. Ideal for this dog is living out the city and having its own crate where it would run and play day and night long in any weather.

Siberian Husky Care

Siberian Husky is comparatively simple to take care. Husky dog is naturally neat, has no specific smell, and care of itselv in a cat manner, that's why it needs washing quite seldom (even once a year). Siberian Husky's molt is moderate, except of twice a year when they change its rich undercoat. The other period requires a minimal periodical brushing to eliminate dead fur.

If you are looking for a friendly, devoted companion and a family friend for playing with children, active time-spending, sports and sledding, than Siberian Husky dog breed is a perfect choice!

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Husky dog type is used to pull sleds in northern regions. Huskies differ from other sled dog types by their fast pulling style. They are "an ever-changing cross-breed of the...fastest dogs". By contrast, the Alaskan Malamute, is "the largest and most powerful" sled dog, therefore it was used for heavy loads. Husky dogs are used in sled dog racing. Nowadays companies have been marketing tourist treks with dog sledges for adventure travelers in snow regions as well. Many people also keep Husky dogs as pets, and groups work to find new pet homes for retired racing and adventure trekking dogs.

Since many owners now have Husky dogs as pets in settings that are not ideal for sledding, other activities have been found which are good for the dog and fun for the owner.

Activities performed with Huskies:

  • Skijoring. This dog sport is very alike to sled pulling, but it is used in somewhat the same environment as sledding. But the exception that the owner (cross-country skier) does not need a full pack for taking part in it.
  • Carting (also called a dryland mushing or sulky driving) is an urban alternative to dog sledding. At carting the dog can pull a cart which may contain either supplies or an individual.
  • Bikejoring. This is an activity where the owner bikes along with their dog who are attached to their bike through a harness which keeps both the dog and owner safe. There can be attached a dog or team of dogs to a towline to pull the biker.
  • Dog scootering is a mushing activity which is alike to bikejoring and carting. The owner rides a scooter and the dog is pulling the scooter.
  • Dog hiking is an alternative activity for owners who live closer to woodland trails. The owner travels with their dogs along trails in the wilderness. Dog hiking allows the owner and dog to exercise without huskies' strong pulling.
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