What Dog Lead to Buy?

How to Choose a Leash for a Dog?

Dog leash is a mandatory accessory for a dog. That's why the choice of this article should be serious. It may seem, what is important in a choice of a dog lead - just a lead, what of it? So, if you don't care of your dog - this type of attitude to the choice of a dog leash is normal. But it you do - let's not talk in vain and look at the point of the fact.

strong leather dog leash

Leashes for dogs are divided into several types. First of all as for the material they are made of. Second - according to its intended use.

Nylon dog leash

Used generally for dog training. The length of these leashes varies from 1 m to 20 m. May be manufactured with a handle or without it. This dog leash suits the best for exercises in a general course of dog training. It combines reasonable price and reliability. It is practically impossible to tear such leash, but it is very easy to cut or gnaw through. The only place where we should pay attention is a snap link. It should be reliable and strong.

Metal chain dog leash

This type of leashes looks attractive and smart on a dog, especially if this is a set of metal collar and a leash. the length of these leashes is generally no more than 1,5 m. This leash is durable enough, but it is better to secure yourself. If you have a strong and large dog, it is more reasonable to use a thick metal chain leash. By the way, it may be used for train a dog not to chew its leash. having tried it a couple of times a dog will throw this habit away. These leashes often have a shock absorber. This variant may be used for a walk and no way for a training.

Short dog lead for dog leading and control

This is a short dog lead generally consisting of a handle (hook) with a strong snap link. This dog lead is used for close leading of a large dog. Close lead is low-functional and will be needed for you only if you are going with your dog to a public place where your dog should walk close by your side.

Dog lead-coupler

Coupler - is a lead for two or three dogs. It is a double lead with two snap links. The ends of these leads are either linked with a ring, that is fastened to a lead, or a solid lead without a ring connection, with doubling at the end and with two snap links.

Dog lead re-fastener, round dog leash

Dog lead re-fastener (with two snap hooks at the ends) is usually about 2 m long, has 3-4 rings along its size. It is a very comfortable construction. These leads are generally made of good leather and cost usually expensive. Its intended use is a dog training. It is comfortable to train a dog or take it for a walk stretching a lead to its full length. Choosing a dog lead you should pay attention that it should not have knit insertions and flat ribbed rings that may scratch your hands. Choose a re-fastener with cast rings, made of reliable material.

Dog show lead

It is a special dog show lead (leather, metal, nylon) for dog shows. It is a combination of a choke, a collar and a lead. A show lead should be thin and naturally it is not accounted for loadings. it is chosen to a color of a dog or a contrasting one ( for instance, a red lead for a black dog), it may be made as an attractive and expensive chain.

Tape measure dog lead

The only intended use of this dog lead is a walk. You may set your dog free for a longer distance than a usual lead for dog, and at the same time be sure that any moment you can control the situation.

Some more advices. Purchasing any dog lead pay attention at a snap link. As they say, a miser pays twice. We recommend to choose leads for dogs with snap links and cast rings of good quality. if you have a large and strong dog - you may buy one more special, intensified snap hook. it is very important because snap hooks brake at the most inappropriate moments. It is also very important to have a so called swivel. This is a type of adapter that lets a snap link to turn around its axis, not entangling a dog lead while your dog runs circles around.�

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