Dog Training "Place" Command

Basic Dog Command "Place"

Dog command "Place" is very useful. A puppy should get its own place at once it gets its name and comes into your house. It means that initially your dog is to understand where is his own territory.

Husky Puppy Harness and LeashTelling the command "Place" lay a puppy at its bed. After the action is made praise your puppy for its patience and obedience.
Never get nervous or use any force actions. You may frighten your puppy but never get the result in this way.
It happens often that a dog sleeps with the owners on their bed. When a puppy is small you want to enwarm and take care of it in this way keeping close to you. But when a dog grows big it appears that your bed has not enough place for all of you. The owners try to get rid of a dog out of their bed, but it gets used that its place is here because it sleeps on your bed all the time since it is in your house.
This is a common mistake in training of your pet with the beggining dog owners. Puppy place is its own bed and noone's else.

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